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birth announcement ruth crilly

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram, an important update: New Baby has arrived! A boy! He was delivered on Friday 3rd February weighing in at 9lbs 7oz and he is just absolutely perfect in every single way. (Not the seventy eight thousand kilos I was led to expect, but then I suppose if I’d left things naturally and had him at 42 weeks like Angelica then there could have been big trouble as he’d very well have been edging over the ten and a half pounds mark and up towards eleven…) Everything went very well in terms of the c-section and we were home the next day after a stay of around twenty-seven hours. Which I have mixed feelings about, but that’s for another post.

On that note; I have so many posts in the making! I’d forgotten how boring it can be recuperating, when the newborn is asleep, so I’ve actually been rather productive, including drafting a rudimentary sort of “birth story”, some thoughts on the c-section procedure and recovery process and a load more gumph that’s been floating about in my head. Does any of this sound appealing or helpful? I’ll probably write it all down anyway…

ruth crilly and baby son

For now, I must get on with sleeping. Because opportunity has been rather sparse – New Baby has been having a little crazy session every night from about 11pm until 4am (I know!) and making the hours up in the daytime never works, does it? I mean, I can nap like an absolute pro, but I’m never going to get a full five hours slotted in – by the time I’ve done essential stuff like eat and go to the toilet and spend time with Angelica and check Rightmove for fantasy houses, it’s almost time for bed again…

So I just wanted to update you on the family news – we are all over the moon with our new addition, there’s a proper warm glow going on in the house that feels like we’re in one of those candlelit Christmas card scenes. Everything in order, both babies (big and tiny) safe in our arms…now all we need to do is to think of a name.

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