Rose Otto: I Love it a Lotto. (Sorry.)


Balance Me Rose Otto Body Review

I seem to be having a bit of a “rose revival” at the moment. I went off rose for a while, possibly because I completely overdid it, smothering myself in rose stuff from head to foot, but now I’m back on it with a vengeance. In fact, when I think about my total skin-and-body-care routine, most of the products I’m grabbing from the cabinet seem to have a touch of rose somewhere! Oh dear: how long before I put myself off it again?

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Two excellent little body nourishers, here, both from Balance Me. Both, also, free from parabens, sulphates, petroleum, silicones, artificial fragrance, if you keep a lookout for those things. Personally, I find a little mineral oil in my bodycare to be quite a helpful thing, sometimes (SHOCK HORROR!) because it gets rid of my scaly shins and I know that if it’s a pretty basic cream, with just that and a few other bits and bobs, my skin won’t react to it. However, each to their own, and I know that for some it’s the work of the devil. At any rate, this gorgeous Rose Otto body oil and body balm don’t contain it, so there’s no issue here.

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The oil is silky smooth with a good amount of massage-ability. You know some of these dry oils that just kind of sit on the surface? None of that here. You can give it a good rub in and it smells bloody amazing, what a little treat! And I do think that the relatively plain and homely-looking packaging makes you want to use it everyday, rather than saving it for absolute best, which is a good thing. You know those really daunting glass bottles that look as though they should be in a locked display case? Well I do love them, but at the same time it makes me reluctant to use the contents! This Balance Me bottle has been knocking about the bathroom for a few weeks (it’s nearly finished) and I’ve used it after almost every bath. I’ve also dropped it about seventy-five times with my clumsy oily hands, and as it’s plastic it didn’t smash. Winning.

Balance Me Rose Otto Body balm Review

The body balm is an interesting one; a bit like those rescue balms that you get for your face. (I wrote about the Neal’s Yard Remedies one, Balance Me also have one called the Stellar Balm that I think is one of their bestsellers, if I remember rightly.) It has a consistency that cleansing balm-users will be familiar with; a solid that begins to melt down to an oil with the warmth from your fingertips. This feels a little bit more heavy-duty than the body oil, though, and it’s great for dry patches – around the knees and elbows, on shins and feet and heels. This seems to be a relaunched version of the balm, as I remember it before in a less lovely-looking tub, with bright pink labelling. I don’t know whether Balance Me are revising the whole look of the brand, but I like what I see so far. Very chic and understated.

You can find both the Balance Me Rose Otto Body Oil and Body Balm for £24.50 with free delivery at Beauty Expert.

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