Christmas Gifts for Babies and Kids

ruth crilly and baby

It feels weird writing the word “kids” because I’m pretty sure that my Mum used to tell us (kids) off for saying kids instead of children. I may be imagining that, I shall ask her later. I can’t even imagine why we couldn’t say it – maybe it was considered slang, back in the Dark Ages when I was growing up…

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Anyway, here’s my little guide to gifts for babies and kids – some handpicked gems for newborns and small children with a couple of things that might be suitable for the slightly older ones. Though I didn’t have a lot of time, this year, and this category is new, so forgive me if it’s all quite selective!

east india wooden ark

I also managed to lose a video file when I was exporting the guide and so there’s a big annoying (very unprofessional!) gap where the close-up of the wooden ark is supposed to be. But here’s a lovely picture of it (above) and another (below):

east india wooden ark

Here we go then – I had a little reindeer helper for this video, which is the first of three (maybe four) filmed gift guides – but she had to be de-reindeered halfway through and put on her play mat because it was SO hot in front of my new fire! But if you’re after a bit of a cooing baby fix then you’ll like the start of this…

Christmas Presents Shown:

Gap Reindeer Hat:

Lamaze Spiral:

Lamaze Hand and Feet Rattles:

Baby Farm Book:

Cloud Mobile from Willa & Bobbin:

From Babies with Love Bear:

Janod Magnetic Rocket:

This Works Baby Pillow Spray:

Monster Puppet:

Monster Feet Stilts:

Wooden Food Sandwich-Making Kit:

Mega Den Kit:

Soft Toy Ark:

Wooden Ark:

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