Coca Cola Nails: Painting the Perfect Red

nail manicure bright coca cola red

Well this is a red-and-a-half, isn’t it? OPI’s Coca Cola Red from the new Coca Cola collection. What an earth Coca Cola have to do with nail polish, I have no idea, but they seem to be all over the place these days with their “Share a Coke” campaign… This week I asked the lovely Nail Artist Martha to create me a classic red nail look on one of her clients and she sent me this juicy little number! Nails that are square, short and sweet, colour that’s hi-shine and so bright it’s almost neon.

Martha’s tips for painting the perfect red nail are as follows:

1) Wipe the nail first with cotton wool and acetone to remove daily dirt, oil and moisturiser.

2) Always apply a base coat, especially with a strong colour like red. Invest in a good base coat as this will make your manicure last longer. Good preparation and foundation work will make for a smoother, more long-lasting finish.

3) Apply the polish using quick and light movements, being careful not to “flood” the cuticle. You just want to kiss the cuticle, not paint it! (Martha said that this OPI polish was amazing to apply – “a nail tech’s dream” – smooth and light and with an intense colour even after one coat.)

4) Seal the polish in with a top coat.

nail manicure bright red

I love this brighter-than-bright type of red for the summer months. By all means give me that classic, Hollywood red when the weather starts to turn cold – I’ll even plump for one of those rusty or brownish-reds if I’m feeling particularly seasonal – but when it’s hot and my skin is a lovely sunkissed colour, only brights will do!

You can find OPI’s Coca Cola nail lacquer collection at – each polish costs £11.95 with free UK delivery. You can follow Martha on Instagram here – thank you for this week’s nail look Martha!


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