Coco Noir Parfum: Shadowy Boudoirs and Exquisite Lingerie…

Coco Noir Extrait Chanel Perfume Review

Earlier in the year I wrote about Chanel’s amazing Les Exclusifs; highly concentrated perfumes in teeny, beautifully-crafted glass flacons with perfectly formed stoppers and chic, minimalist labelling. Just a few drops of these special perfumes and you’re scented for days; Beige stayed on, if I remember rightly, through two baths and quite a few nights!

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And now there’s a new, very potent version of the incredibly popular Coco Noir  – not only more concentrated, but quite different in scent, too. This one is, in my opinion, far darker and sexier than the eau de toilette; it makes me think of shadowy boudoirs and exquisite lingerie, peacock feathers and smoky mirrors. (Good grief. You don’t even want to know what I’ve been reading on my Kindle lately.) It’s in the same, gorgeously miniature bottle as Les Exclusifs, though this one is black not transparent, and it has a similar longevity on the skin. (ie: ages. If you apply a few drops for a night out, it will have worn in beautifully by the next day so that it’s not too overpowering or inappropriately seductive!)

Coco Noir Extrait Chanel Perfume Review

A beautiful present for the perfume connoisseur and a very indulgent must-have for lovers of Coco Noir. I can see this doing very well at Christmas, despite the fact that the price-tag keeps it firmly placed in the luxe-luxe-luxe category – it’s £165 for 15ml. Though I must say, I think that this version would outlast the traditional spray because you need so little of it – and if you’re into experiencing your fragrances in their truest form, then the Extrait, with its super-potency, will give you a satisfying hit. You can’t of course, do one of those “full body misting” procedures with it (anyone else sometimes spray a curtain of perfume to walk through?!) because you apply it from the little dropper, but you can be far more specific as to where the scent is placed (behave) and it’s very sexy when it drifts up from the pulse points…

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This is perfume at its most precious and covetable; it makes me want to have a little secret cabinet to keep it in. There’s something very old-fashioned about the styling, which only adds to the appeal. You can find Chanel’s Coco Noir Parfum at

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