Colab Paradise Dry Shampoo: Heavenly Hair

Please note that I am a founder of the Colab Dry Shampoo brand – this is not a paid post.

colab paradise dry shampoo

I said I’d keep you updated with the new Colab Dry Shampoo launch and here it is: Paradise. I honestly don’t know where to start with this post – I’m really (uncharacteristically) overexcited because I’ve been involved with the Colab brand since its seedling days and now there are so many new and brilliant things happening. A completely new look for the entire range – new cans, new scents, new imagery – but the same amazing no-white-residue formula.

NEW Colab Paradise dry shampoo: better than half price at Superdrug, with free gift!

Dry shampoo is a big deal in the UK, but not so much in some other parts of the world, so to give you a quick recap on what it actually does: it absorbs oils in the roots of your hair so that it looks and feels cleaner without having to physically wash it with shampoo and water. It’s not an alternative to hair washing but a quick fix in-between – I find that on my flat, limp roots it gives me an amazing “just blow-dried” boost, even if I’ve only just washed my hair. The great thing about Colab – and the reason, I think, that it has sold so many cans around the world – is that it has been cleverly formulated to have the same grease absorption benefits as a normal dry shampoo but no white, chalky residue. Even if you leave it in (lots of people apply, wait, brush out) there’s no telltale dustiness or chalkiness. Which – for me at least – used to be the most off-putting thing about using dry shampoo.

So there was my little quickfire lesson for those who needed it! If you’ve always wondered what you can do about hair that’s dry or normal at the ends but oilier at the roots, dragging down your hairstyles and forcing you to wash your hair about seven times a day, then Colab is your answer. The newest addition to the range is Paradise: you need to smell this stuff to believe it! Think tropical islands, think expensive holidays (the type where someone brings you a cool flannel as you lie on your sunlounger), think of all of those amazing beauty products that launch every summer – glistening body oils, exotic-smelling sunscreens, coconut lip balms…

colab paradise dry shampoo

Now pile all of those tropical thoughts together and stick them in a can and you have – pretty much –  Colab Paradise. It’s spray-on summer, except that you don’t have to wait months to use it. I’ve become rather addicted to the smell, if truth be known – I wore my parka when I was having my hair done last week and the hood is still scented with Paradise! Coconut, tonka bean, exotic white flowers…

It launches today – you can find it at Superdrug here. To celebrate its entry into the beauty world, it has a special price – £1.73 instead of £3.49 – and, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a lovely little gift with purchase.

colab paradise dry shampoo

Because who doesn’t love a flamingo notebook? And you get three of them! I told you this was an exciting post… I’ve sorted your hair woes, presented you with a new year-round scent and answered your stationery needs for the next few months!

At any rate, a huge can of the best ever dry shampoo for £1.73 is a bit of a no-brainer. You’re welcome.

Colab Paradise at Superdrug

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