The Easiest Smokey Eye Ever…

easy smokey eye makeup look

In this video I show you the easiest smokey eye ever. I realise that’s quite a claim, but I honestly can’t see how an eye look could be any simpler than this: you draw on the eye crayon (it even uses a crayon, for Pete’s sake!) and then smudge it out with a brush. It almost seems silly to even write it down, or make a video about it, but people always ask what I’ve done with my eyes every time I do them like this, so I thought it might be helpful to go through it step by step.

There are two steps. Draw and blend.

I suppose if you wanted to really get into the nitty gritty of it then you could talk about colour placement, ie where you actually draw the crayon, but I cover that in the video – I apply the shadow towards the outer corner of the eye, and mostly on the outer third of the lid, so that the eyes are drawn outwards towards the brow a little. Sometimes, after I’ve blended that in (I use the Zoeva Luxe Petit Crease Brush in this video, find it here*) I take the crayon (Rimmel Scandaleyes, here*) and make a tiny flick from the outer corners. Only about 5mm or so, and then I pat it in with my fingertip to soften it. If I have lots of mascara on then you can barely even see this flick, but it does help to give that feline, sexy look.

Watch the video below – it’s only a few minutes long – and you’ll see exactly where I place my shadow to get the sultry smokey eye. I don’t use any liner on the waterline here, but you absolutely can do if you feel that it finishes the look off. If you don’t want to close the eye up then keep it to the outer third of the eye – if this was a full-on smokey, with tonnes of colour all the way around, then I’d say do the whole waterline, but it’d look a bit funny here. Just my preference.

Just as an FYI, I didn’t prime or prep my lids before this video; there might have been a teeny bit of foundation on them, but incidental rather than anything deliberate. The Rimmel eye crayon stays on really well without any sort of prep – it also has slightly more “give” than some other cream shadows, which means that you get a few extra seconds to work with it and blend in before it sets fast.

Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bad Girl Bronze:*

Zoeva Petit Crease Brush, £8.99:*

Nail Polish is Chelsea Lane from Nails Inc, £11:*

Lipstick is L’Oreal Matte Addiction in 103, Blush in a Rush:*

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