Weekly Window Shop: Guccification

gucci inspired high street

I have been spending a dangerous amount of time staring at various accessories on the Gucci website. Scarves, headbands, belts, costume jewellery, shoes. I wouldn’t normally tease myself in this way, but Gucci seem to have silently crept in and infiltrated every corner of my online (and offline) world. They’ve completely nailed what I want from fashion (albeit in a fantasy life!) – a bit of fun, a pinch of retro cool and a lot of wearability.

And Gucci seems to be everywhere – unavoidable – brainwashing me with its oversized double-G buckles and gloriously huge sunglasses. Whichever way I look there’s a snazzy bee-embellished bag draped over a stylish arm or a signature stripy webbed belt cinching in a summer dress or a gorgeous silky headscarf tied around the hair of someone unspeakably glamorous.

gucci inspired high street

I just want everything – all of it – and it seems I’m not the only one. Have you noticed the Gucci effect on the high street? Let’s call it Guccification. It started with the sporty webbed belts and dozens of rip-off versions of “that” t-shirt, it spread towards fabric prints, unleashing a festival of oversized florals onto dresses and skirts and jackets and then it arrived in the shoe department, inspiring the flamboyant embellishment of classic white trainers and a revival in the popularity of loafers.

I’ve trawled the internet for my favourite Gucci-inspired pieces – a sort of “get the look for less”, but it would be remiss of me not to declare yesterday’s purchase. Which is from actual Gucci. Yes, I took the plunge and invested in a belt – Mr AMR snorted at the word “invested” but he’ll be laughing out of the other side of his face when it’s worth twice as much in sixty years time. Obviously we’ll both be dead, or at the very least severely depleted, so neither of us will care what the bloody belt is worth by then, but there we go. You can take a look at it here* – I went for brown because I always wear blue denim, and the wider version because I want to wear it as a waist belt as well as around my high-waisted jeans.

Kurt Geiger LAX Trainers, £139 here*

gucci for less

These are as Gucci as it gets. They’re more Gucci than actual Gucci with the red and white webbed trim, the golden studs and the classic shape.

gucci high street

Kurt Geiger also have the Ludo style* which have plain quilted leather uppers and then a large embellishment on the back.

Large Bee Necklace, £90 from Not on the High Street here*

gucci bee jewellery high street

If Gucci have got you buzzing for some bee jewellery (sorry) then take a look at these pendants from Will Bishop via Not on the High Street. Nearly all of the bee pendants I’ve seen have been so teeny that you can hardly even tell it’s a bee; these are far chunkier, more detailed and come in silver or gold.

Adidas World Pack slides in Italia – £39.95 here*

gucci shoes high street

I didn’t know that you could customise Adidas slides – they have so many options it’s almost too hard to decide what an earth you want. Although the point of this post is to find Gucci-esque things, and the “Italia” version, pictured above, fits the brief perfectly…

Je t’aime t-shirt, £15 from Missguided here*

gucci t-shirt copy high street

The Gucci gold logo t-shirt spawned a thousand imitations and this is one of those spawn; at fifteen quid you can’t really go too wrong.

Printed Bomber Jacket, £49.99 from Zara

gucci high street clothing

Those oversized florals – just gorgeous. I like the idea of throwing this on over a summer maxi dress in equally bright colours so that it’s a huge pattern clash, but not sure I’m that brave. It’s the sort of look my sister excels in because she has such artistic flair. I end up “pairing with jeans”. Yawn.

Those are my current Gucci-inspired high street favourites, but what of the real deal? Here are the top three things on my wishlist:

Bee ring with aged gold finish, £300 from Gucci here*

gucci bee ring

Simple, vintagey, cool. Would look great with my lions’ heads ring…

Blooms Print Silk Headband, £235 at Gucci here*

gucci hairband

Looks like a silk scarf expertly tied around your head, is, in fact, a pre-done headband. The beauty of elastic. It’s the equivalent of one of those bow ties that’s already done, really, isn’t it? I want this a lot, but have to wait a while until the sting of my recent purchases has worn off. (The world’s priciest jeans, a Jeff Koons-inspired ballon dog sculpture, a 1.5 tonne iron giant statue for the garden, my Gucci belt, a huge regency mirror. I need help.)

Specialised Fit acetate sunglasses, £190 from Gucci*

gucci sunglasses 2018 gucci sunglasses 2018

These glasses are just bonkers. If you look at the images on the website here* you can see how huge they are – really eighties – and the colours are amazing. Love them – they’d be great for a beauty shoot, wouldn’t they? Hot pink lipsticks and blue glasses…



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