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ruth crilly model hush

This is the last of my Hush posts for this year – I’ve really enjoyed putting together outfits from their Autumn and Winter collections over the past few months. Everything is so supremely comfortable and well-made and easy to throw together – it’s honestly hard to find pieces that don’t work together!

For my final shoot of the season we decided to go outside and take pictures under the stars, mainly because the theme of Hush’s latest collection is Stargazing but also because Mr AMR likes to get all of his different photo lights out and run backwards and forwards finding batteries and cables and being all practical. I am always more than happy to shoot every picture indoors, in the warm, preferably next to a piping hot radiator and/or with thermal underwear on, but Mr AMR likes to mix things up a bit. Whilst wearing about eight layers, a hat and a coat that’s been designed for North Pole explorers.

ruth crilly model hush

Interesting discovery: when you turn all the lights off in the countryside it is absolutely, 100% pitch black. I mean it’s can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face kind of dark. So off Mr AMR went to find some sort of gel thing for one of his lighting heads, his circle of torchlight getting smaller and smaller as he walked down the driveway, leaving me sans iPhone, leaning up against a huge ivy-wrapped tree that – once I was alone – definitely started moving.

The ivy rustled, the very bark of the tree seemed to shift, as though the tree was yawning and its thick, rough skin was stretching, and then an owl, which must have been just a few feet from my head, hooted. Right down my earhole. It was like a child had blown a flute or a recorder right into my head. Honestly, I saw stars, which was appropriate considering the whole Stargazing theme.

ruth crilly model hush

Mr AMR took about eight hours to come back with the things he needed, by which time I had – by panicked necessity – developed the night vision of an eagle, the sharpened hearing of a bat. I had basically become nocturnal and at one with the night, clutching onto the tree for dear life because my high heeled boots (yes, practical) had completely sunk into the earth and had I tried to move I would no doubt have done myself a serious injury.

ruth crilly model hush

Eventually, I managed to extricate myself from the network of tree roots that my heels had entangled themselves in and retrieve my nails from deep within the tree bark and, by the light of around nine thousand studio lights (honestly, you could have seen us from space), we took some pictures of the lovely new Hush collection.

ruth crilly model hush

Now I couldn’t decide between the Natalya Devore Jumpsuit* and the Star Devore Dress* and so I shot both. Both brilliant buys for Christmas parties, for drinks with friends, for evening soirées, and they will carry you well into next year with their chic black stars and elegant shapes.

ruth crilly model hush

The Devore Jumpsuit is here* and the Star Dress is here*. The coat I’m wearing is the brilliant Pelle coat that I featured here – I have worn it almost every day since and have had so many compliments. It’s incredibly heavy and warm – it feels like something you’d have been wrapped up in to travel by coach and horses in days gone by! Find it at Hush here* – an excellent investment if you’re still looking for a smart winter coat.

ruth crilly model hush

Back to the relative safety of my doorstep and my favourite outfit;

ruth crilly model hush

Here I’m wearing the Taylor dress* with the gorgeous Night Sky Trainers* and the brilliant Marlowe leather jacket* which manages to be both smart and cool at the same time, with its buckled belt and furry collar. The Taylor dress has a rather sexy split up the side which is a good thing, because a flash of leg breaks up the leopard print and stops it from being overbearing. It gives it a Studio 54 kind of vibe, though here I’ve gone for casual trainers and a leather jacket rather than glitter platforms – I really like these trainers and I have to say it’s a relief not to be worrying all the time about getting my white ones dirty (seeing as though I currently live in a quagmire). The stars along the side are a lovely touch, aren’t they?

ruth crilly model hush

And if you look closely, you’ll see that I’ve taken the star theme a bit further with the lovely Star Drop Earrings* in gold. The earrings are a fabulous buy – £30 and they are sparkly without being prissy, sophisticated but in the low-key sort of way I prefer. An excellent Christmas present idea, for those still struggling with their lists!

ruth crilly model hush

The Rock ‘n’ Roll bag is also a great little accessory; beaded and with a chain-strap it’s just the easiest thing to throw together with whatever you’re wearing if you’re off for a night out. It’s £55 here* and the fingerless cashmere gloves*, another good present idea (very soft, very luxe) add an extra layer of undone casual cool to the proceedings, I like to think.

Find the Taylor dress here*, the Night Sky Trainers here*, Marlowe Leather Jacket here* and the earrings here*. The clutch bag is here* and the cashmere gloves, which come in three shades, are £35 here*.

ruth crilly model hush

Oh hi Mr Bear! What are you doing outside? (He was supposed to be gazing up at the stars, but he mostly refused to play ball. He was probably in shock because it was so bloody cold.)

ruth crilly model hush

I mean, he couldn’t have been as cold as me, because he had fur on and I was just in pyjamas, but still. He doesn’t get out much. Look at that face, though…

ruth crilly model hush

Now if you were looking for something incredibly luxurious to add to your Christmas Wishlist then these silk pyjamas are beautiful. I actually find most silk pyjamas quite uncomfortable – too slippery, they ride up where you don’t want them to and your room temperature has to be just right, otherwise you get all hot and clammy in them.

ruth crilly model hush

But these are just an absolute dream. The trousers are roomy and well-cut, not too tight around the regions, an the shirt is smart with its contrast piping and top pocket. I think they’re great. The ultimate comfy-luxe present. Find them at Hush here* if you want to pass on the link to Santa!

Piped Silk Pyjamas at Hush*, brilliant paired with the cashmere socks, here*.

ruth crilly model hush

Back out into total darkness for my final outfit; this photo was taken shortly after I’d had my wrestle with the tree. Thankfully I was at least warm; cashmere wrist-warmers, roll neck and pom-pom hat! The boots are another good find this year; slouchy, pointy, they look amazing with jeans and with jet-black leggings.

ruth crilly model hush

Talking of jeans, these from Hush* have a nice stretch to them but hold their shape really well – they’re the Jackson Jeans and I’m wearing a size 12, but could probably have done a UK10 had I breathed in more violently.

The shawl had – unbeknownst to me until after we’d finished shooting – two slits so that you can wear it with your arms through so that it doesn’t fall off. Excellent idea, really; it makes the shawl extra-useful – it becomes more of a layer than an accessory.

The Jackson Jeans are here*, Cashmere Roll Neck here*, slouchy boots here* – stay with me! – the bobble hat is here* and the very cool arms-through shawl is here*.

Right, team: that’s it from me this year on the fashion front. I hope that’s given you some cold weather garment inspiration – honestly, the Pelle coat and silk pyjamas would make such great wishlist additions if you’re being treated to something special and I also LOVE the cashmere Rock ‘n’ Roll jumper here* and the colour-flecked Lulu Jumper*. All good, solid choices if Santa is procrastinating about what to get you. Or, indeed, if you just want to add something soft and gorgeous to your winter wardrobe…

Ruth Crilly Mr Bear the cat

You can shop at Hush here* – this post is a paid-for advertorial for (you guessed it!) Hush.


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  1. January 6, 2019 / 11:07 am

    All your photos are wonderful and you look beautiful in those clothes. Really I love this post. You are an idol and inspiration for me.

    • January 6, 2019 / 1:24 pm

      Thank you Gloria, that’s really kind xx

  2. Lindsey
    December 21, 2018 / 7:04 am

    Ruth, please write more! I don’t care what it’s about. Film noir thriller short stories? Is that a thing? You could make it one! This post is so evocative, and I found myself scrolling furiously through the photos to get back to your words. I must say, though, that there is something about the photos of you taken by Mr AMR that capture something not seen in other pics… I can’t put my finger on it but it’s wonderful.

  3. Jenna
    December 20, 2018 / 3:02 pm

    I don’t normally comment as I get your posts straight to my inbox, but I bloody loved this post!
    The photos are lovely, the clothes all look excellent, that dress is gorgeous!
    So many tabs open on my browser now with all the clothes in!

  4. December 19, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    So many stunning pieces, you look beautiful!

    Danielle xx

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