Josh Wood’s Haircare for Blondes

shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair

Just a quickie, as they say in the business (I have no idea what business I’m on about but I’ve just had a rare but much-needed can of full fat Coke and the caffeine has gone to my head): Josh Wood’s Precious Blonde shampoo and conditioner. This is the second set of Josh Wood haircare for blondes that I’ve whizzed through – not only does it give a cool tint to my hair, making it look fresher and brighter, it seems to get on well with the texture, leaving it manageable and soft without weighing it down.

There are loads of these lilac-coloured shampoos for blondes on the market and I’ve tested quite a few – I don’t think I’ve ever finished one as quickly as this. Twice. If you have blonde hair, whether an all-over colour or bleached highlights, then I can highly recommend this Josh Wood range for reducing brassiness and getting back that crisp sort of tone that looks “just done”. It’s not a permanent purple dye, or anything like that, it just adds enough of a cool tint to take out excess warmth. Though I wouldn’t sit around with the conditioner soaking in for hours – I did have some forgotten conditioner in my ear for half a day (!) and it took a little scrubbing to remove the blue patch from my skin…

You can find Precious Blonde at Marks and Spencer HERE – it’s £12.50 for the shampoo and the same for the conditioner. (There’s also an “Intense” conditioner with a dial that varies the amount of lilac tint so that you can customise your treatment, but in all honesty I find that one a faff and not much more conditioning than the straightforward conditioner. I’d stick to the cheaper one!)

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