A Meet-Up, A Maternity Dress and a Hotel Room Tour…

ruth crilly vlog

You can probably guess from the random title that I made a “vlog”: which is, to those who are (quite blissfully) unaware, a kind of video diary. Lots of people ask for them, I rarely have a day that’s interesting enough to make one. But yesterday I dashed about from pillar to post doing all sorts of things, waking up in Mayfair (planned, obviously!) and catching the train to Cardiff to do my meet-up for Colab. Needless to say that although I’m back home,  I’m absolutely shattered and so this is something of a lazy person’s post. In all honesty, I started to write something beauty-ish and in-depth but I got sidetracked reading all of your AMAZING comments on my announcement post, and then I had to have a little emotional moment and then I had to ring my Mum to tell her all about it and.. Well. You know how it goes. Time ran out.

But I’m still managing to ramble on, aren’t I? I’ll get back to reading your comments tomorrow, I can’t wait. I have much to discuss with you all. Until then, here’s a “vlog” (UGH!) with a little peek at the Isabella Oliver maternity dress that I bought from ASOS and that I would happily wear if I didn’t have a bump!

The Beaumont Hotel in London is all kinds of amazing, if you ever want a special and swanky place to stay: http://goo.gl/U6WwPR

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