Murad Retinol Youth Renewal: The Game-Changing Eye Serum

This isn’t my first time at the rodeo when it comes to writing about Murad’s brilliant Retinol Youth Renewal range. I covered the relaunch at around this time last year (you can read that post here if you fancy) and it’s one of the ranges I refer to by default when people ask me for retinol recommendations. The main reason being that it’s powerful stuff, offering up proper, visible results, yet it seems to be tolerated by all but the most sensitive skin.

I mean you still have to go slow and steady with the range – it tingles, it goes straight to work, it’s not messing around – but if you’re sensible and don’t try to go from Total Retinol Virgin to Nightly Retinol Fiend in the space of a fortnight you’ll be A-OK. My preference, if I haven’t used retinol products for a while, is to start off with every four nights for a couple of weeks, move to every three nights for another couple and then stick to every other night for the duration of however long I manage to keep it up for. (I tend to back off a little during the warmer months.) This tends to keep any dryness or itchiness at bay – if I go straight in with all beauty guns a-blazing then you can guarantee that my face will be falling off by week two!

I digress. I’m supposed to be talking about Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum here and the fact that it’s a total game-changer when it comes to using retinol around the eyes. If the rest of the range (a face serum, a sumptuous, buttery night cream) has been sensitively formulated then this eye serum takes things one step further. Not only can it be taken all around the eyes, including the lids, it includes non-greasy moisturisers to provide lightweight hydration for up to twenty-four hours. I love the fact that it’s safe to be used on the lids – every year my eyelids are more and more wrinkly and it would be nice to nip that in the bud for a while, before they start to resemble little testicles.

My eyes are notorious when it comes to overreacting to strong ingredients yet they have no problem with the Murad eye serum even when used nightly. Now you might not be an eye cream sort of person, preferring to use your usual face cream or treatment all over instead. What I will say about strong retinol products is that I find they are sometimes a bit…enthusiastic…to take up to the eye area. Many a time have I woken up to see my little red “burn” patch has reappeared beneath my right eye – a relic from my modelling years when someone changed my eye makeup fourteen times in eight hours and basically took the top eight thousand layers of skin off – and so I try to be careful and relatively discerning when it comes to treating the eye area.

More on Murad Youth Renewal Eye Serum

And so, in conclusion, if you are looking to invest in a results-driven eye treatment that has been specifically formulated for the eye area then Youth Renewal Eye Serum is a fine place to start. It is an investment – the eye serum is £72, night cream is £70 – but the firming and plumping benefits are noticeable.

Murad use a three-pronged approach to delivering the retinol, with an “instant”, fast-acting retinoid, a slower release retinol and an ingredient to sort of “prep” the skin for the retinol so it’s a pretty sophisticated formula with a gentle, non-aggressive touch. Powerful enough for tackling the established lines and wrinkles and loss of firmness but also great for preventative measures too.

You can find the whole Youth Renewal range online here – if you use the code RUTH25 then you get 25% off*!

*excludes winter sale items, kits and new product launches.

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  1. February 11, 2021 / 12:54 am

    I loved the post, it helped me a lot, thank you for creating such useful content.

  2. February 10, 2021 / 3:57 pm

    After your article, I ordered it myself and I am waiting for it to come to me. I would like to thank you for the promo code and such useful information about the product. I’ve just been looking for something similar for a long time since the skin around the eyes is my problem since adolescence. I really hope that this product will help me. Looking at your photos, I would generally buy everything that you buy in order to be just as beautiful. Thanks again for the article. I can’t wait to start using it!

  3. January 30, 2021 / 9:38 pm

    This looks amazing … I hope I look that good after I try it , lol

  4. January 30, 2021 / 2:56 pm

    I tried the RUTH25 code on 2 products, not on sale, and it did not work

    • January 31, 2021 / 9:56 pm

      That’s odd! You’re on the UK site? xx

  5. January 29, 2021 / 5:22 pm

    I need to try this – I love their exfoliator, but haven’t tried the serum before. Thanks for sharing! xx

  6. January 29, 2021 / 10:15 am

    I adore this serum, it is my go to to treat the eye area – just like you I don´t like to take my strong retinoids around the eyes, but with age they do need some form of treatment.
    This is gentle, gives me noticeable effects and has an incredibly pleasant texture, absolutely worth the price.

    Anne from Doctor Anne

    • January 29, 2021 / 1:51 pm

      Thanks Anne, glad you like it too!

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