My Infertility Story: The Q&A

unexplained infertility video

I had such an overwhelming response to my video on infertility a couple of months ago; so many people emailed me and left comments talking about their own experiences. It’s an incredibly difficult and delicate subject to broach, really, because it’s not something that you particularly want to talk about when you’re struggling to conceive, but then when you are in the right frame of mind to discuss it, you feel as though you’re somehow not in the appropriate position to do so. I mean, does someone who is going through the painful, anxiety-ridden process of having their fertility probed, prodded and questioned really want to listen to someone who is happily bouncing a couple of kids on their knee and moaning about sleepless nights?

I really did think long and hard about this before I filmed my own “unexplained infertility” experience but then I came to the conclusion that actually, yes, I would have loved to have watched someone talk about their fertility ups and downs, their losses and their ultimate happy successes because when I was at my lowest, thinking that I would never have what I had yearned for, an honest, positive tale would have lifted my spirits and perhaps calmed my constant nerves.

At the very least, it would have given me something to identify with, some events and anecdotes that I could perhaps relate to – it wasn’t that I needed a happy ending story to cling on to, I just needed to feel as though I wasn’t alone in my pursuits.

So here’s the follow-up Q&A to my infertility story – I answer some of the most frequently asked questions that cropped up after the first video. I genuinely hope that it’s helpful and I’m more than willing to talk some more about trying to conceive and related subjects if anyone’s interested. I did think that I might film a series of videos with some prominent fertility experts, if they’d spare the time to talk, but I have no idea whether that’s something that people would like to watch.

I realise it’s niche. Although I’m beginning to (finally) realise that niche can be good – niche is interesting. Niche is helpful. Niche can be totally skipped over if you’re not remotely bothered by it, but niche is totally invaluable to the people who are specifically searching for it. And I’m more than happy to dip out of my usual beauty/lifestyle/fly-and-wasp-story schedule to provide some educational content, so do register your interest below if it’s something you’d like to see.

The first infertility video is here – the new Q&A is below.



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  1. Kellie Sinclair
    July 8, 2018 / 11:21 am

    Definitely interest in your fertility idea…. I’m going through that journey at the moment and it’s super tough and as hard as it is, it’s always good to hear people’s successful stories. It gives hope…

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