Beauty, Fashion and Interiors Favourites: March 2018

march favourites

It’s safe to say this hasn’t been the best month of my life; but then again, I think I said that about February, too, and I’m not sure whether March was slightly better or ever so slightly worse. So forgive me if my mind wasn’t 100% attuned to remembering things to feature in my Top Five Favourite Things video: I did have an inkling as to what I’d include, but the daffodils were a late addition. And perhaps a bit of a “cheat” item.

Although difficult to ignore, because the end of my garden is completely blanketed in them. Thousands and thousands of daffodils. I reckon, if I was weird and incurably mercenary, I could easily make a couple of grand if I cut all of my daffodils down and set up a stall at the end of my drive. Especially if I wore one of those little caps that look like white cotton shower caps, and some sort of netting petticoat under my dress. “Buy my flowers Mister? Oh please do stop your ‘orse and buy some of my bee-yoo-tiful daffodils?”

I get a bit carried away dreaming of the past, living in this house. It’s very easy to squint at things and picture it exactly as it must have been in the early 1800s. Apart from the fact that I keep buying very modern things to furnish it with! I’m hoping that the final effect will be rather eclectic, but my interiors fantasy online browsing is starting to get out of hand. French antique apothecary chests one day, Willy Rizzo coffee tables the next…

I’ve gone totally off piste, so here’s the video and I’ll shut up and let you watch it – Most Used Beauty for the month will be up in a few days or so. The jumper I’m wearing in the video is from Hush here* – I had quite a few questions about it. Also, I’m hosting a quick Colab Dry Shampoo giveaway if you fancy winning some Unicorn spray! It’s on Instagram and I’m @modelrecommends.

Gucci Ring*:

LK Bennett Fern Heels*:

“Spurchin” light:

Interiors Category:

Frankincense Intense Lift Cream*:

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