NEOM Tranquility and my Bath Craziness

organic luxury bath oil

It’s fair to say that I’ve gone a bit bath-crazy over the past few weeks. One a day, if I can manage it – perhaps even two, if Mr AMR is home and can watch the baby so that I can have a completely responsibility-free soak. I’ll probably calm down with the soaks soon, I’m just overexcited because I’m back in the house and we have a new bath. Which, apart from the bum-sucking plughole (see here), I love. We shoe-horned the biggest bath we could possibly manage into our smallish family bathroom – the bath’s 180cm long and 80cm wide, which is pretty good going considering our new bathroom was my old beauty cupboard in its previous life! – and it was definitely worth the hassle of moving everything around, because you can have a proper wallow without your sticky-up bits getting cold.

Now that I’m over my flu-symtpoms from hell, I’ve moved on from the bathtime cold and flu remedies to my collection of more relaxing, de-stressing oils. And so out comes the Tranquility oil from NEOM. God, this stuff is strong. It’s like some kind of liquid tranquiliser. It could knock out a hyperactive elephant, I reckon, so it has no problem whatsoever getting me to sleep. Though most of the time, when I’ve just got into the sleepy mood, I’m woken up again to feed the baby. C’est la vie!

But even if you’re not using this luxurious bath oil for its sleep-inducing properties, it’s great for creating a steamy little relaxation area inside your bathroom. Lavender to help you switch off, jasmine for a touch of exotic headiness and sweet basil for…I don’t even know what sweet basil’s for, but it makes the whole thing smell delicious. In terms of potency and quality and the loveliness of the blend, Tranquility from NEOM is right up there with my best-rated oils, including those from Aromatherapy Associates. You need one capful per bath, but don’t be scared off by the whopping great  wooden lid – the bit you pour into is very small, so the 100ml bottle should last a fair while.

You can find NEOM at John Lewis here – the Tranquility Bath and Shower Oil is £40.

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