The New Gym Bag Essential: Colab Active Dry Shampoo

colab active dry shampoo

A new, magnificent racehorse of a product joins the Colab Dry Shampoo* stable: Colab Active. I’ve been very excited about this one, not least because it will give me some motivation to do some exercise; a dry shampoo that has been formulated for gym bunnies, sports heroes and people who generally like the outdoors. In actual fact, even if you hate the gym, are useless at sport and rarely set foot out of the front door (hello fellow people who work from home!) you will love this: it’s the same brilliant Sheer & Invisible formula that is already so popular around the world, but with added Moringa Seed Extract. Not only is the Moringa nicely conditioning (the dry shampoo has a sort of silky feel, I think, despite it still being brilliant at absorbing oil), it offers the hair some protection against UV damage and pollution, so if you’re regularly running through the city or walking to work, this is like a spray-on haircare helmet.

HA! Where do I come up with these things? Thank God I’m not a copywriter. Spray-on haircare helmet. Seriously, though, this is sort of a “dry shampoo ultimate”; more oil-absorbing than the original Sheer & Invisible (a little more residue, as a result, but still very minimal in comparison to most other dry shampoos) and with the added Moringa benefits, it’s brilliant for pre-workout protection and post-workout freshen-ups. Or just for getting rid of oiliness and plumping your roots throughout the day, which is generally what I tend to do. Though I am definitely starting my exercise routine properly this week. Definitely…

Colab Active is scented with my favourite Colab fragrance, Monaco: it’s fresh and cologne-y, but with a warm and sexy undertone. Lemon, bergamot and neroli; amber, musk and vetiver – it’s like a chic, expensive seaside resort in a can. Hence the name Monaco. There are also notes of driftwood, seaweed and oak, which gives it a beautiful beachy smell – people are always asking which perfume I’m wearing. I’m like my very own walking billboard! Except a sort of scratch and sniff billboard, not a visual one. And you don’t have to scratch me, I just kind of waft the smell about when I move my head. Like a gigantic reed diffuser.

colab active dry shampoo

If you’re using the Active dry shampoo when exercising then I’d recommend spraying it liberally into your roots before you do your work out. Afterwards, you can simply brush out the dry shampoo, along with any oiliness, and then reapply to your fresh-feeling hair if you want to give an extra bit of jazzing up in the roots department. You can do this before bed, too, if you’re using dry shampoo between hair washes. I wash my hair every two or three days, but my roots get lank after around twelve hours. (Oh joy.) If I spray a bit before bed and brush out in the morning then I can keep my hair looking relatively bouncy and nice – prolonging whatever style it’s in so that I don’t have to re-do it.

You can find this new gym-bag essential at Superdrug and BeautyMart, priced at £3.99: other stockists will follow so I’ll keep you updated.

Colab Dry Shampoo Worldwide Stockist List

*I am a founder of the Colab dry shampoo brand.

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