New Hair Overshare

shoulder length hair style

Brace yourselves for about fifty-thousand photos of my new hair. You know when you get back home with a new haircut and you have to kind of “try it out” by swishing it about in loads of different directions and making a side-fringe and all of that business? Well I did that yesterday and took photographic evidence.

shoulder length hair style

I went to John Frieda in Aldford Street, London, to get my hair blonded and cut. I’ve been having a bit of post-partum hair loss, in the past few weeks, and though it’s not actually looking thin yet, I was starting to notice a difference when I felt it. I thought that the best first step in the hair-dropping-out battle would be to have a good old trim and have a bit of a colour re-boot and I must say that it feels lots thicker and fuller. I’ll be trying some thickening products over the next month or so and I’ll report back on those too.

shoulder length hair style

I saw the wonderful Nicola Clarke at John Frieda for my colour; she was careful to keep the ends looking really beautiful and natural, but lightened up the areas that had a lot of regrowth and were starting to make me feel a bit drab. The overall effect is a brighter, fresher blonde – I usually go a bit darker for winter, but this year I just wanted to feel glam!

shoulder length hair style

My stylist Oliver cut a good few inches from my hair but didn’t layer it, just left it quite blunt and chunky. I honestly couldn’t be bothered with having layers to style – I don’t have the time or inclination at present – and with this length, sitting just below the shoulders, it’s quite nice to have it looking and feeling full, rather than feathery. It’s actually a really lovely length – easy to style, no “dead weight” to have to shampoo and condition and slather with leave-in unguents – and I can still tie it back. Which is possibly my number one hair-cut requirement!

shoulder length hair style

What do you think? I’m feeling very perky about my new hair. I’m at that stage when I feel as though everything I wear looks better and all of my makeup suits me better, all because I’ve had a bit of a change. I may even crack out the heated rollers this week…

You can book in at John Frieda here – ask about their glossing treatments if you fancy a pre-Christmas colour boost but don’t want to go the whole hog!

*I took these photos using my camera’s remote control. I feel like a bit of a berk admitting that, because it’s kind of like the ultimate “selfie indulgence”, isn’t it? But it’s just some anecdotal material, some behind-the-scenes-demystification for you… I also was naked from the waist down.


**update: star jumper is called the “Stella” and is from Hush here.

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