Paul & Joe Beauté: Warner Bros Limited Edition Makeup Collection

paul and joe warner bros

My magpie eye has been caught by two very different makeup collections this week; the first, a collaboration between Estee Lauder and Victoria Beckham, will be described in detail (and shown on video) in a few days’ time. But suffice to say, for now, that it is incredibly smart-looking and all of the product shades and textures are the sort of thing you’d actually want to wear rather than the sort of thing that might sit in a drawer for ten years gathering dust. A glamorous bronzer, an illuminating cream-primer, a double-ended kohl with both a soft nude shade for the waterline and a jet black for creating the perfect smudgey eye…

Paul & Joe Beauté Warner Bros Limited Edition Makeup Collection

The other makeup collection to float my boat could not be more different: Paul & Joe’s limited edition Warner Bros range. Not actually a makeup collection, in the true sense of the phrase, but more of a “packaging collection”. If you’ve ever bought into Paul & Joe’s beauté range before then you’ll know that many of the products (lipsticks, face powders, eyeshadows) come as refills in little plastic trays (or metal tubes for the lipsticks), to be paired with the appropriate compact or casing. And the compacts and casings are so, so lovely; very pretty cardboard affairs that make you feel as though you’re about ten years old, but at the same time, manage to be rather chic. This is kitsch at its best – ribbon bows and pastel colours and lots and lots of kittens – but I love the mix-and-match vibe and the fact that you can pick your own packaging.

Paul & Joe Beauté Warner Bros Limited Edition Makeup Collection

And now, adding to the kitten mix, the Warner Bros collection – scenes from Tom and Jerry on one set of packaging and Tweetie Pie and Sylvester on the other.

sylvester tweetie pie lipstick

Still lots of cats, then, but I can see many people snapping these up in a kind of relived-childhood nostalgic frenzy.

sylvester tweetie pie lipstick

Though I must say that the makeup is excellent in its own right. The lipstick I’ve photographed here (106, Guava) is a beautiful sheer peach – rather like the YSL Volupte Shine in texture, though perhaps with not quite so much pigment. An easy to wear tinted balm, really, but something you’d want to keep in your handbag and keep on applying.

Paul & Joe Beauté Warner Bros Limited Edition Makeup Collection

Eyeshadows are soft and blendable and the trios always have good shade combinations  and the face powders are light, non-cakey and come with cute little powder puffs.

Paul & Joe Beauté Warner Bros Limited Edition Makeup Collection

It all feels like “playtime” makeup but performs brilliantly. Prices for the refills start at £12 for a lipstick and the new Warner Bros packaging is £7 for a compact (here) and the same for the lip casing (here).

You can find the entire range at ASOS here and at BeautyBay here.

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