Petit Pai: Sensitive Skincare for Children

petit pai childrens skincare

I have used Pai Skincare products for years – they specialise in formulating for very sensitive and intolerant skin and, though I don’t have particularly touchy skin at all, there are certain products I’ve relied on to keep my face on an even keel during times of multiple modelling shoots and intensive bouts of travel. Their Echium Eye Cream, for example, has rescued my undereye area too many times to count – it’s one of the only things that remedies the red, raw patches that I get there if I do a beauty shoot and the makeup artist changes the eye makeup too many times. Their Rosehip Oil is top class and the AHA Mask a total winner for anyone with sensitive skin who’d like to dip their toe into the world of acid peels…

Anyway, I’ve distracted myself there and slipped back into the world of beauty, my most comfortable place, when I’m supposed to be talking about babies! (If you love beauty then do take a look at my beauty blog – it’s here: A Model Recommends.) Pai have taken their sensitive skin know-how and waved a magic wand over the children’s skincare sector, introducing a small – yet perfectly formed – range called Petit Pai. Just two products; an all-over wash and a face and body cream but I suppose, really, that’s all you need when it comes to baby bathing.

Both products have been formulated with the purest ingredients (Pai always list every single one so that you can see at a glance if there’s anything you’re sensitive to) and are certified organic and fragrance-free. The Apple & Mallow Blossom Face & Body Cream is intensively moisturising and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe itchy, sore skin and the Hair & Body Wash, which comes with a konjac sponge for gentle washing, is SLS free.

petit pai childrens skincare

I’m always surprised when brands produce washes and shampoos for babies with sensitive skin or skin problems and they contain SLS. Though I think for most people it doesn’t present much of a problem (it’s a massively-used foaming and cleansing agent used in – probably – the majority of shampoos, face washes, shower gels and so on), if you have dry skin or sensitive skin then it might, at the very least, feel rather tight and “stripped” when you rinse off the product. So I’m glad to see that it’s not in the Petit Pai wash, though I would have literally eaten my own hat and then died of shock if it had been in the ingredients list. If there’s one thing that Pai take incredibly seriously, it’s the quality and purity of their formulas…

One to try if your baby has temperamental, itchy or irritated skin – the cream can be used on areas affected by eczema and if it’s even half as soothing as the adult face creams are, I can imagine it would be a blessed relief!

The Face & Body Cream is here, the Wash is here – they are priced at £20 and £18, respectively, so not the cheapest children’s products out there by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re looking for impeccably-made baby beauty for sensitive skin then Pai should definitely be top of your list.

On the beauty note, I have loads of baby products to write about (many different budgets catered for, fear not!) so I’ll get cracking on those, erm, soon.

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