Shampoo: When You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

luxury rose shampoo

Do you ever find that sometimes, with beauty products, you don’t realise how good something is until you stop using it? That is exactly what has happened to me with the gorgeous Shampooing Délicat à la rose by top hair colourist, Christophe Robin. When I was using it, I appreciated that it was the height of luxury and that it had the most unbelievable scent and that my hair seemed nice and bouncy, but I didn’t quite give it the respect it deserved.

Because fast-forward five weeks and I am missing it sorely. I left both the shampoo and conditioner in my Mum’s bathroom and – though she has returned everything else I forgot to pack up, including a pot of Manuka honey and a box of breast pads – we have not yet been reunited. I have a sneaking suspicion that my Mum has used the shampoo, fallen in love and is now sat there hoping I’ve forgotten about it.

Fat chance.

This rose shampoo is lush. Formulated for fine hair, it does an amazing job at gently cleansing (my scalp pretty much fell apart after I left my Mum’s and started using some cheapie stuff I found in the boot of the car) and leaves hair properly bouncy and lovely. The conditioner is surprisingly rich for something in a bottle – it’s not quite a “cream” but it’s far more heavyweight than your usual non-masque conditioner. Rich in feel, but lightweight in effect – there’s no weighing down of the hair or that funny, cloying residue that you can sometimes get if you use the wrong product. (When hair isn’t the same for about three washes afterwards!) It left mine looking full-bodied and non-fuzzy. Regardez:

ruth crilly

My bathtime ritual at Mum’s (I was there for a month with a tiny baby, so bathtime was my little space to be myself): a couple of drops of the Floris White Rose bath essence and then a hair wash with my Christophe Robin rose duo. I felt like some kind of French aristocrat. It was all very decadent. Apart from the fact that my Mum’s house is like Butlins for spiders – they seem to arrive by the dozen and set up home everywhere from the lampshades to the cereal cupboard. My Mum puts bowls of conkers out to discourage them, but still they return. There’s nothing that kills a relaxing bath quicker than a spider making its way down the shower hose towards your feet…

You can find Christophe Robin haircare at LookFantastic here: the shampoo and conditioner are £25 each, so we’re talking serious luxury, but if you feel as though you need some spoiling… (At the time of writing there’s 12% off site-wide with the code “QUICK” and a free hair mask with two Christophe Robin purchases.)

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