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Three luxurious body oils that each transported me, if I closed my eyes tightly, straight into the world’s most peaceful and nice-smelling spa. I’m all about transporting myself places at the moment – tropical beaches, quiet, dimly lit rooms with comfortable beds…

First on the luxe list: ESPA’s TriSerum. I have no idea at all what makes this a serum and not an oil, but it smells incredible and has the best spray function. No little dribbles to deal with here, it’s a full-powered spritz that allows you to do your entire body in about thirty seconds flat. Then just a cursory rub-in and you have lovely, sheeny skin with no oily residue. Every dry oil should model its packaging on this. TriSerum contains Omega Oils 3, 6 and 9 and various ingredients to soothe, boost collagen and even out pigmentation. The scent is a classic kind of musky, sexy spa-scent. Very mind-relaxing. I’m guessing that you’re supposed to follow with a moisturiser, seeing as though it’s a “serum”, but I find it effective with or without. Find it here – it’s £38.

Elemis Japanese Camelia has a silly little lid (I hate the Spa Home packaging, love the actual products) but the oil inside is divine. In terms of scent, Monoi still gets me every time, but I was drawn to try the Camelia after reading loads of reviews praising its anti-stretch-mark qualities. It’s easy to massage in and has a rich, nourishing feel rather than that “dry oil” finish. Lush. It’s £34 online here.

New kid on the block: Decleor’s Aroma Nutrition Satin Softening Dry Oil. This range has been enriched with frankincense oil, but still has quite a light and feminine fragrance. I’m not sure whether I prefer the more hefty weight of the rich body oil, but I do know that – especially in the height of summer – many people like a lighter, less greasy finish. I’ve been really going to town with my heavy-duty oils because I’ve been on stretch mark patrol, but I’ll no doubt be switching to a dry-oil finish when my body has started to return to normal. You can find the new Aroma Nutrition range here – dry oil is £32, rich version is £42.

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