Christmas Hand Cream and Crème de Parma Violets

Rose & Co No. 84 Hand Cream Jar

I’ve started sniffing around for good little things to put in my Christmas Stocking Fillers video – I know it’s only early November, but if I don’t get the festive vids filmed in the next couple of weeks then they end up going online ridiculously late. Which is helpful for those people – like me – who do all of their shopping after the 20th December, whirring around in a total frenzy and almost being sick in the Selfridges queue, but not for the sane, organised people who like to get it all out of the way early. (Everyone I know leaves their present-buying to the last minute, so I was incredibly surprised to find, in the first year that I did my Christmas vids, that many people actually do their shopping before December!)

Anyway: Rose & Co’s No.84 Hand Cream is prime stocking-filler-fodder. Cute glass jar, pretty pink box and a sumptuous hand moisturiser complete with (strong) powdery rose fragrance. It’s highly Instagrammable, which will please all of those people who like to document the contents of their beauty cabinets, and at £5, an affordable little treat. Personally, I’m not a fan of the fragrance, but I absolutely LOVE the violet version (here) which is basically Crème de Parma Violets. Lush. If someone wants to put that in my stocking I should be more than happy.

You can find Rose & Co online here, I can’t see what they charge for delivery but you can also find the hand cream on Amazon for £5.99 including postage here.

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