Stylist’s Best Dry Shampoo: Now at ASOS

best dry shampoo beauty awards

Exciting things afoot for Colab dry shampoo. It has just been voted the very best in its category by Stylist magazine – the dust-free formula and beautiful range of scents completely won the judges over and the Colab team now have a very funky perspex trophy to display in the office. (I’m photographed above at the awards with Miles Dunkley, co-founder of the brand.)

We’re in so many stores across the world, now (see here for a full stockist list) but its the latest little development that’s got me properly hot under the collar: Colab dry shampoo IN ASOS!

colab dry shampoo

As someone who spends 86% of her free time trawling, this excites me greatly. People can shop for their clothes (and novelty socks, cactus stationery, unicorn knickers) and then throw a couple of cans of Colab into their basket at the end. Free delivery, job done.

If you haven’t yet been converted to the ways of the Colab, then do give it a try. I first got involved with Colab when it was in its (nameless) infancy and there was just a prototype can containing an amazing formula: I’d never before used a dry shampoo that didn’t have any powdery white residue and was pretty blown away. Since then, we’ve developed gorgeous fragrances and new versions and the whole thing has gone from strength to strength – if you want to take a look at the brand in more detail then the website is here.

colab dry shampoo

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a proper ramble there! Colab is at ASOS now, as well as UK stockists Superdrug, Feel Unique and Beauty Mart. Try it and be converted…

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