Sunday Tittle Tattle: Er, Still Moving…

sleeping family

Oh my God, this must be the world’s longest house-moving-in session! Mainly because Mr AMR doesn’t want to touch or “ruin” anything so we have to bring boxes in gradually, unpacking and sorting as we go. So far we’ve managed to do about half a kitchen and “arrange” the odds and sods drawer in the utility room. (“Arrange”, AKA throw in everything that we can’t be bothered to find a home for. Masking tape, loyalty cards that we will never use, foreign currency, packets of seeds, half-empty packets of obscure dog treats, elastic bands, gas bills from 2004.) The photo above shows the “moving team” having a rest. Bless them.

luxe shine spray

I’ve been ridiculously busy with work this week (also why the house-move is taking so long), shooting videos and editing videos and working on the launch of the new Colab product. It’s an exciting one: a luxe hair fragrance spray (notes of bergamot and oud, very sexy) with a lovely light shine that’s great for fine hair. I’ll talk about it more next week, but keep a lookout for it at Superdrug and FeelUnique from Monday!

the uphill baby and mum blog

Did you know that I have an entirely separate blog over on The Uphill? Mum stuff, baby stuff, observations on life (often random) and lots of chat about breastmilk and large guts. It’s a hoot, if you’d care to join me – the comments sections are, I feel, a brilliant way to pass an hour or so. Some readers have the most fantastic motherhood anecdotes. I also write about fertility and I recorded my pregnancy from about twenty weeks in, so plenty to catch up on if you’re interested!

The Uphill

No pet pics this week – Mr Bear will be home in the next few days, I hope, and I imagine that all hell will break loose! I wonder how the new carpet / recently re-upholstered chairs / tactile wallpaper will fare against his sharp claws? I may have to get my Mum to knit him some mittens.

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