Sunday Tittle Tattle: and then she was Blonde

nicola clarke colorist

I’ve gone blonder for the summer, thanks to Nicola Clarke at John Frieda* who took me at my word when I flippantly said “I want to be loads blonder!” I had almost forgotten I’d even said it when the towel came off for my blow-dry and I saw my new, bright blonde locks.

I feel so much better with lighter hair. My makeup looks fresher (I need less of it), my hair doesn’t get greasy as quickly and the lighter colour somehow seems to be hiding my ridiculous broken-off sections that have been growing back in after the post-partum hair loss. Massive bonus.

nicola clarke colorist

I’ve been gradual-gradual-tanning my face with my Hylamide Glow (sorry to bang on about this stuff so much, I’ll swap soon and test out something new for you) and the sunkissed skin looks great with my crisp, clean blonde highlights. I don’t really put my face in the sun any more so it’s nice to look as though I’ve been on a bit of a holiday – foundation needs are quite minimal, most days, and I just sheer it out and tap a bit of concealer underneath my eyes. Unless I’m on camera or particularly knackered in which case I do the full priming, colour-correcting, base-buffing routine…

Anyway, an odd post for a Sunday Tittle Tattle, but I’ve had loads of  photos taken recently and realised that I hadn’t even mentioned my new do! I think I probably need a bit of a trim, now – some shape cut through the bottom so that the ends are less heavy. It’s quite hard to get my hair to do anything at the moment, it just sort of hangs there with a bored expression. Ding-ding, hop on the hair bus, next stop Chopsville! What do you reckon? Three inches off?

*I had my hair coloured at John Frieda in Mayfair – details here.

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