Unlikely Holiday Washbag Hero…

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Body washes are never the most thrilling beauty products to write about, but this little number from Weleda very much deserves a proper mention. It’s difficult to find shower gels and body cleansers that are gentle and non-drying but that actually work; lots of the effective ones leave my skin too squeaky and stripped, many of the “kinder” versions seem to be a little wishy-washy and useless.

Weleda’s Citrus Body Wash was one of the more surprising beauty heroes to emerge from my holiday washbag; I had pushed it down to the bottom of the testing pile because I didn’t like the idea of a citrusy scent, but used it as an emergency measure when the Korres showergel that was in my hotel room failed to step up to the mark. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the citrus scent wasn’t your run-of-the-mill “lemon and lime” but more of a mediterranean cologne kind of smell. I didn’t mind it at all, though I think I’d still probably prefer the Wild Rose or Pomegranate versions. Scent aside, I just thought that the body wash was a perfect holiday product; moisturising, non-squeaky, but effective enough to cleanse off sunscreen and salt water and chorine smells and all of the other less-than-desirable things that cling to your person when it’s hot and sweaty.

I had a few little tubes of this, and you can buy them in 20ml sizes from Weleda, but it’s much more cost-effective to get a 200ml and decant into travel bottles. You can find all of the different scents on Amazon for around £7.75 per tube with free delivery – the Wild Rose is here. Slightly pricier than your average shower gel, but not outrageously so, and it has a really luxe feel that makes it worth every penny.

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