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Wacoal Embrace Lace Soft Bra

I’m in bra limbo at the moment. Apparently I can’t wear an underwired bra because I’m still breastfeeding, but I only feed first thing in the morning and last thing before the baby’s bedtime, so – in effect – during the hours I’m wearing clothes, I’m not strictly a breastfeeder. And I don’t want to have to wear a nursing bra, with its clip-down bits and wide straps, if I don’t absolutely need to; I’m desperate to get back into something lacy and lovely.

There seems to be a real shortage of attractive non-wired non-nursing bras: I realised this when I was pregnant and wanted a soft bra without drop down cups. Because why an earth would you want drop down cups on your bra if you don’t have a baby yet? And what about people who want a soft, non-wired bra who are not pregnant, have no intention of getting pregnant and have never been pregnant? What about if they just want to be comfy, or can’t wear an underwire for some reason, or like the shape that a more relaxed-fit bra gives them?

I think that Wacoal’s Embrace Lace must be the best non-wired bra I’ve found. I actually spotted it before Christmas in Harvey Nic’s and thought that it looked incredibly sexy – plunging at the front but with such a delicate shape and pretty lace detailing. At that time I was still feeding about eight times a day (seems crazy looking back) and non-nursing bras were totally off my radar, but since I’ve cut down on feeds I can get a bit more adventurous in the lingerie department.

Wacoal Embrace Lace Soft Bra

Now listen; Wacoal’s Embrace Lace will not offer a supreme amount of support – you can probably tell that, if you have big knockers and an experienced eye, just by looking at the picture. It’s not going to keep you in check if you’re climbing Snowdon or doing a Jazzercise class or even vigorously whisking cream for a pavlova. This, if you have an ample bosom, is what I would call a “fair weather” bra. It needs to be treated in the same way you’d treat a pair of high-ish heels; no running for buses and be extra vigilant when drinking. Bountiful boobs have a habit, if you’re not careful (ie you jog down the stairs to catch the postman) of working their way out of the middle and breaking free from the restraints. But for general swanning about, for dinners and shopping and romantic dates and bedroom antics (relatively sedate ones), it’s a winner.

This bra comes in loads of different shades and variations – my favourite is the one I’ve pictured above (it’s at John Lewis) but there’s black with a cream trim, hot pink, pale pink, nude… The plunging neckline is incredibly useful if you’re dressing in something particularly low-cut – there aren’t many “solution” non-wired bras out there – and the wide lace trim looks very chic and expensive when you catch a glimpse of it through a blouse or dress.

There are no cup sizes with this bra – just chest measurements, so 32, 34, 36, 38. My bra size is around a 32E but I wear a 36 in this – I can’t even fit one breast into the size 32! – so it’s worth ordering a couple to get it right. You can find some Embrace styles at John Lewis here and others at Figleaves here. They are £38 each but at the time of editing this, Figleaves have 30% off if you use the code TREAT30. Not sure how long that’s valid for I’m afraid, I just spotted it on their homepage!

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