Weekly Christmas Shop: Gorgeous Gifts for Under £10

christmas gift guide stocking fillers

The Weekly Window Shop is being temporarily replaced with the Weekly Christmas Shop – there’ll be something festive each week to get you started with your shopping or give you a few handy ideas. Call it a gift guide, call it present p*rn: just know I have it all covered. You don’t even need to leave the sofa.

We begin with some utterly gorgeous gifts for ten pounds or less* – I’ve scoured the entire internet for weeks in preparation for this post, purposefully avoiding all of these terrible beauty “trinkets” that keep cropping up. You know the ones I mean? Plastic baubles with a cheapo lip balm inside, mini crackers containing little tubes of body lotion with about a quid’s worth of product in them…it’s lazy shopping. There are much better beauty things to be had.

tony moly cooling eye stick

I’d start with pretty much anything from TonyMoly at Cult Beauty HERE or Oh K! at ASOS – cute Korean beauty morsels that are cheap, cheerful and intriguing. Think quirky sheet masks, panda eye sticks and too-sweet-to-use lip balms… The Panda’s Dream Cool Eye Stick (£10 here) is actually very effective and I’ve included it in my first little gift round-up below.

christmas gift guide stocking fillers

Also pictured, clockwise from top left, some beautiful racy-lacy briefs from H&M (£7.99 here) and the amazing Fortune Favours the Brave palette by British Beauty Blogger for Makeup Revolution (£9.99 here). All of the bronzey, goldy, sparkly eye colours you could ever need for the Christmas Party season…

The palm print notebook is a favourite of mine – very House of Hackney, it’s just £3.99 here. On the flimsy side, but would make a great stocking filler or part of a bigger gift. Maybe with some lovely colouring pencils or a decadent bar of chocolate…

face by pixiwoo

Along the bottom row, Face by Pixiwoo, featured recently in my post here, is the perfect present for any beauty lover. Jammed full of interesting anecdotes and helpful makeup hints, it’s £9.99 at Amazon here.

christmas gift guide stocking fillers

And I do rather like this Gin and Tonic Bathing Gel, £10 from Liberty here, for its quirky shelf appeal, whilst those with a penchant for leopard print will love this scarf from H&M:

hm leopard print scarf

I don’t know how on earth I thought that this was under a tenner, so my profuse apologies – it was just too nice to leave out! It’s £14.99 here and they have a beautiful neutral version too..

And the last thing in that little round-up (it was a black and gold and white-ish theme, in case you hadn’t noticed): the miniature clip-on reading anglepoise!

mini reading lamp anglepoiseYou need this in your life. If only for the novelty of it all. They do actually work – tried and tested by yours truly – so long as you don’t mind readjusting them every now and then. The lights are £7.05 here.

christmas gift guide stocking fillers

My pretty pink edit, clockwise from top left: Ice Lolly Sticky Notes, £4.95 from Liberty here; the delectable Rose soap from Roger & Gallet, £5.50 here and the Cleopatra’s Kiss highlighting palette from Sleek Makeup, £9.99 here. The Sleek palette is a real gem, actually – it looks and feels very high-end and the shades are incredibly flattering for those after a mega-watt face glow…

flamingo mug

The Flamingo Mug (£9.95 here) really tickled my fancy – I want one to put my makeup brushes in! Then, continuing the pink theme, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Charbonnel et Walker and the Marc de Champagne truffles are just incredible.

charbonnel walker truffles

Waitrose have a smaller box than the one shown above, it’s £9.99 here, but they are widely available now in a variety of weights.. I’ll have the largest size please!

And now two fabulous bargains from H&M, both very generous-looking stocking fillers, or excellent standalone gifts –

hm pineapple candle

The ceramic pineapple candle, £4.99 here, and the cable knit cushion, AHEM £19.99 here. Sorry, another pricing error on aisle 5! Someone give me the sack!

hm cable knit cusion

It is lush though isn’t it? They also do it in grey.

christmas gift guide stocking fillers

Last little section – quite H&M-heavy, but they do seem to do the best trinkets and affordable knick-knacks! So, you know the drill – clockwise from top left: Knitted braided headband, £4.99 here; pink foxy hooks, £3.99 here (I’m getting these for Angelica’s bedroom); star-knit hot water bottle, £8.50 here (how lovely is that? Great price!) and retro-style Tala icing set, £9.99 here. Because everyone seems to have gone baking bake-off crazy.

hm cable knit hat

This cable-knit pom-pom hat is another H&M gem – I’d happily pay far more than the £7.99 they’re asking for (here) and would be delighted to get it for Christmas! I’m also deeply enamoured with this little rabbit-topped box:

rabbit top box hm

Some might say my tastes have regressed to those of a three year-old girl, I just think I’m developing a liking for all things chintzy and cute. This box is £7.99 here – there’s also a pink one with a deer on the top.

Righty-ho, see you next week with some ideas for the man/men in your life. Always a bit of a headache, that one – I’m trying to avoid the typical “shower gel duo” or “artisan ale selection” pitfalls.

Remember to bookmark this page to return to if you haven’t yet started thinking about Christmas – I’ll stick a link in the menu, too, when I get around to it, so that you can access all of the festive features at once…

*a couple of the products are over ten pounds, pure stupidity on my part, reading the price wrong and then plunging on ahead with my pretty image arrangements! Soz.

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