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teen girl gift guide

I’ve had a bit of help with this teen girl gift guide; massive thanks to Rosalie who sat with me and went through all of the things she would be pleased (or not pleased) to receive as a Christmas present, and then did exactly the same thing putting herself in her older sister’s shoes so that I had both ends of the teen age spectrum covered! I then added in stuff I’d heard other teens mention (I’ve been eavesdropping like a total weirdo for weeks – supermarket queues, coffee shops, tube stations) and a few of my own ideas.

teen girl gift guide

It’s mostly pretty girly on this page I’m afraid; I have no clue what teen boys would like. If anyone has useful suggestions then do pop them in the comments – it’s always good when we build up a little database of these things!

Right, here goes – from Lush Bubble Bars to Unicorn Robes and Mermaid Tails, I (hopefully) have it all covered…

pom pom hat

Topshop Grey Pom Pom Hat, £14 here. Because pom poms, on anything, apparently, are just great.

topshop pink pom pom headband

So it follows that this pink pom pom headband is equally covetable: it’s £8 at Topshop here.

bleach london pink hair dye

I have it on incredibly good authority that this Bleach London Pink Hair Dye (£5 here) looks amazing on blondes and washes out in the stated time (2-10 washes) even on very bleached hair. I’m almost tempted to try it myself…

models own peach blush palette

I’d nab this collection of peachy blushers, too – Models Own came up a firm favourite when I asked about makeup brands. Find this palette at ASOS here – it’s the Pretty Peach version.

maybelline baby lips peach

Top makeup item, as revealed by my teen advisors? The Maybelline Baby Lips Balm & Blush! Who knew? I like this Innocent Peach shade – it’s £4.99 at Boots here.

lush penguin bubble bar

And for all other beauty needs? You’ve probably guessed that Lush (here) came up trumps – the bubble stuff always just seems like an instant bout of thrush waiting to happen, for me, but it’s ever popular and this penguin is very cute…

moschino fresh eau de toilette

…although for those with slightly more sophisticated tastes, I hear that funky and quirky perfumes are in. Try this mammoth spray-bottle of Moschino’s Fresh on for size – it’s about fifty quid on Amazon here but quite a showstopper…

moschino clouds perfume

But if you balk at the price, there’s an equally quirky-looking Moschino Clouds fragrance for a more purse-pleasing £14.95 here.

unicorn portable emoji phone charger

Portable iPhone chargers are a “thing” (again, who knew? I’m so out of touch!) and I like the emoji unicorn, £12.99 here

ice cream portable emoji iphone charger

…as well as the less obvious and slightly cooler (“IMO” which is “in my opinion”, FYI) ice cream version, £11.99 here.

unicorn fairy lights

Unicorns were definitely a theme, however, and so were fairy lights (no doubt thanks to Youtubers like Zoella and T Burr with their pretty backgrounds!) so I combined the two and found unicorn lights. You’re welcome. They are £10.79 here.

zoella lazy days set

Talking of Zoella; her stationery, gifting and beauty ranges came up top of the wishlist. I like this Lazy Days cosy sock-and-candle set from Superdrug – it’s £16 here.

cake pop maker

One I’d have never thought of: a cake pop maker! I think this is just brilliant – I’d be excited to use it myself, not least because then I would definitely-have-to-immediately eat all of the cake pops I’d created. It’s £26.81 (random) here.

emoji cat cushion

Emoji mania, anyone? We’ve had the iphone chargers, now let’s have the cushions. Here’s the “ghost cat” (is that right? I’m so uncool) and it’s a mere £8.99 at Amazon here.

skinny dip glitter poo case iphone

And the emoji sparkle-poo iPhone case? All yours: £18 at ASOS here. Skinny Dip phone cases are incredibly popular, apparently. I like the “Flying F*ck” one (look it up on ASOS) but I didn’t think it was entirely appropriate here..

word light box

For those who want to spell out their own witticisms, how about a cinema-style light box? I have this cheap and cheerful one from Amazon here (it’s £17.99) and it does the job. Looks smart, comes with letters and numbers and a few other bits and bobs essential to modern communication…

gift guide for teen girls

Oooh, I almost forgot to put in the Mermaid Tail Blanket – £32 at Topshop here. This is one of my favourite finds, just because it’s so absolutely bonkers. I mean.

topshop mega hoops

And mega-earrings (£10 at Topshop here), for those who don’t worry yet about such trivial things as catching their earrings in tube doors and getting their lobes ripped off. Enjoy the uncomplicated, anxiety-free life while you can, dear teens! One day you might be a neurotic health and safety freak like me!

wah nails dream days set

Much safer to stick to nail art, in my opinion. Unless you accidentally inhale – oh never mind. This set from WAH nails is brilliant – £23 at ASOS here.

adidas originals superstar mint green suede

I can’t think of anything to link my last few items, but they were at the top of the teen wishlist. First: Adidas “shell toes” – I like them in mint green suede. They are £75 at ASOS here.

ivy park vest

Equally lust-worthy, apparently, the Ivy Park range, available at Topshop. Has the most bizarre sizing I’ve ever experienced, but hey-ho! I like the drop armhole vest top – just remember you need to wear something underneath! It’s £15 here.

teen gift guide ideas

And, finally (I could keep going but I’m on hour seven, here, and counting) some stripy socks were requested. Warm and cosy, cute-looking. I found some Gingerbread Man ones, suitably festive – they are at ASOS here for £8.

Right – that better have been useful because I’ve actually developed bedsores I’ve been sat here so long! If you want to browse the other gift guides then they’re all HERE.

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