Wildcard Purchase: The Perfect Autumn Boots

Topshop Honey Gold Trim Boots

I ordered these ankle boots from Topshop on a bit of a whim, just opened up my parcel and they are amazing! I quite often add some random wildcard things into my online shopping orders, just because I know that something will inevitably have to go back, so I may as well try on as many things as possible to make it all worthwhile…

As far as wildcard purchases go, this one was a total winner. Olive green suede boots with a gorgeous, sexy shape and a gold “postman’s lock” type trim that makes them look very high-end – a bit Chloe or Mulberry. I wouldn’t usually go for green when it comes to boots (wouldn’t usually go for suede either, for that matter) but the colour is so lovely and soft – a greyish olive rather than anything too “Robin Hood and his Merry Men”.

Topshop Honey Gold Trim Boots

I’m incredibly pleased. Sizing-wise, I have a feeling they might come up a little small, but then I did try them on with walking socks, because the dog has eaten all of my normal ones. All of them. All. And he ate the crotch out of my favourite pyjama bottoms! So do let me know how the sizing is, if you get them – they also come in black, but I like the luxury feel of the olive. A great autumn purchase.

You can find the Topshop Honey Boots online here – they cost £69.

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