The Pillow Spray for Instant Deep Sleep.

deep sleep pillow spray plus

I have a proper thing for This Works’ original Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I get twitchy without it. It sends me into the kind of deep sleep that could only otherwise be achieved after a couple of large glasses of heavy Chianti and an episode of the Antiques Roadshow. (No offence to the AR, which is something of a British institution; it’s not the content, it’s the timing. There’s nothing like a Sunday Slumber. Waking up with a cricked neck where you’ve tried to get comfy on the sofa.) This Works’ Pillow Spray is just, to excuse the pun, a restless person’s dream. If you’re the sort who tosses and turns for half the night, thinking about tax bills and emails you haven’t sent and whether your Mum is offended that you didn’t text her back, then you need a bottle of this. I was sceptical that it could ever work on me, but it did. First time, straight off the bat, and every time since then, which amounts to (by now) hundreds of times.

Let me just say this: I am not an insomniac. Never have been. I struggle with letting my mind rest, but I’ve never felt short of sleep. It’s just those initial worrying minutes when, if you don’t time things exactly right, you find yourself filling your mind with pointless drivel and missing the sleep boat. The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray eliminates the risk of missing the sleep boat by knocking you out as effectively as a spade to the back of the head. Those with serious sleep problems; I can’t vouch that this will solve them. But it will definitely go a long way towards soothing your thoughts, relaxing your body and setting the scene for a proper, uninterrupted sleep.

this works deep sleep range review

And now, music to mine ears, there’s an even better version! Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, which has the fragrance encapsulated so that it releases throughout the night rather than all in one hit. I don’t mind having it all in one hit, but it makes sense to have a slow-release system and I like the idea that it’s all re-wafting about the place as I’m dreaming about being chased down the river in the kayak by a giant duck. I can’t honestly say that it’s vastly different to the original, and that’s because I am asleep when it’s all happening. (My testing abilities have a limit.) The non-plus side of this spray is that it costs nearly a whole tenner more – original spray is £16, usurper is £25. I’ll keep you posted if I notice a big difference – in the meanwhile, you can find both versions at This Works here.

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

And now for something else snore-inducing; the Deep Sleep Body Therapy Spray-On Body Treatment. I like this a lot. It reminds me of the In-Transit Spray-On Moisture except that it’s for body and it smells all comforting and lavendery. I like the body oil from the same range, but sometimes I can’t be arsed with a body oil before bed, especially if Mr Bear the cat comes and rubs himself around my ankles, sticking a layer of hair to me. A light mist with the same relaxing scent is right up my street. Oh God, I’m writing this at the Sudden Energy Slump Hour (3pm) and my head is almost on the desk! Please, please please, This Works – you have to make an antidote to the Deep Sleep! (The Revive oils from Aromatherapy Associates are excellent for this, actually – you can find those here.) The Body Therapy Spray, with it’s lovely hydrating finish and calming scent, is £20 here.

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