Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask

by | Aug 28, 2011

 I have been testing out Aromatherapy Associates’ Overnight Repair Mask as part of a series on post-summer beauty that I want to do, but I have decided to bring this review forward because I have just noticed that FeelUnique have it on sale!

The Overnight Repair Mask is intended as an intensive treatment “to smooth and firm the skin’s appearance”. You apply it before bed (make sure you keep your hair away from your face overnight by wearing a big, unsexy headband) and then in the morning your skin should be soft and hydrated and plump. Does it work? It certainly did the trick on mine! Despite having drunk my way through a long and raucous wedding, I still remembered to apply the mask before passing out face-down in Room 1118, in the Bristol Marriott. (Anyone visiting Bristol: the Marriott is nice, but I wouldn’t stay in 1118. Not now.) In the morning, my face was smooth and healthy looking. There was still a slight residue from the mask that felt ever so slightly oily, but I soon whisked that away with a bit of cleanser. I didn’t need to moisturise – it was as though my skin had been given the equivalent of one of those Brazilian Blow-Dries; just a quick wash and it was ready to go!

So, the practicalities: great, I would say, for slightly dry or mature skin. I have combination ‘youngish’ skin and I didn’t find it too rich, but I did avoid putting too much on the T-Zone. The smell is wonderful – very relaxing, so it’s almost like having sleep therapy and skincare in one! The packaging is lightweight and convenient for travel, the formula is non-sticky and easy to apply. It doesn’t ‘absorb’ completely – at least it didn’t on my skin – but that is surely what makes it a mask rather than just a glorified night cream? I’d say that this is a brilliant occasional treat for when you really feel shattered and need to look great the next day. If you have never used a product with essential oils in before, or have blemish-prone, oily skin, I wouldn’t test this out for the first time the night before an important event – give it a trial run! It’s rich and intensive, and we all know that ‘rich and intensive’ is great for some and facial dynamite for others.

Tip: perfect for those who are reeling their way to the bedroom, clutching a pint of water and a sachet of Alka Seltzer – in the same way that you try to ward off that inevitable hangover, give your skin a little TLC before it starts looking deathly the following morning. The Overnight Repair Mask certainly made a difference to mine!

Aromatherapy Associates Overnight Repair Mask was £46 but is now £36.80 with free delivery at FeelUnique here:


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