Beautiful Books that Won’t Break the Bank…

by | Nov 23, 2013

christmas gift guide books

I can’t get over quite how gorgeous Penguin’s Clothbound Classics are. I feel as though they should be framed! I’m going to talk more about pretty Christmas gifts on Monday but I thought that these deserved a standalone mention – just look at the flamingos on Alice and the whales on Moby Dick!

These are definitely books that are just screaming out to be wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree – on Monday I’ll be showing you how I mixed and matched them with various beauty bits and knick-knacks to create some slightly rustic looking packages. Something to look forward to, surely. Because you want nothing more than to watch me faff about with sellotape and bits of brown paper…

penguin clothbound classics

Penguin Clothbounds cost just over ten pounds on Amazon here – brilliant value for money, I think. Have a browse of all the titles and designs – I have to confess to picking mine out by the cover alone. There’s a moral there somewhere…


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