Damask Rose Ultra-Deep Cleansing Masque

by | Dec 6, 2010

Despite the fact that I find the picture on the packaging – quite frankly – disturbing, I really like this masque a lot. Montagne Jeunesse products remind me, for some reason, of being a teenager. Probably because they look exactly like the products that I did use as a teenager – those sachets of face mask that you’d pick up at the counter in the chemist’s for about 15p! (Showing my age now.) I don’t know how long Montagne Jeunesse products have been knocking about for, but I have a feeling that it’s highly likely they were the products I used as a teenager!

Whatever I used a as a teenager is irrelevant. We’re talking about the here and now, the present, in which I have something of a disposable income and like to treat myself to little luxuries. So how does the Montagne Jeunesse, or ‘Mountain of Youth’ stand up to ‘Today’s Me’? Well I’ll tell you; it did very well. Had I been ‘blind testing’ it (I’m not sure how I would have got the packaging open, but still) I would have thought it a far more expensive product than it actually is. I’ve experimented with a few different Rose-scented masks recently, and I feel no real difference in texture with this one.

It’s a clay masque, which is pretty standard-issue these days for anything that’s ‘deep-cleansing’, and it dries to a hardened film within minutes. (Some people don’t like the feeling of clay masques, but I quite like to pull insane faces once the masque has dried in an attempt to crack the surface! Bet you’d like to see a video of that, eh?)

My skin certainly felt very cleansed after rinsing off the masque – more matte within the T-Zone area and generally fresher and more toned. Jolly good work for a treatment that costs £4.99! I do like the fact that Montagne Jeunesse manage to pack so many natural ingredients into the formula and that they are so vehemently against animal testing – for more info, you can have a look at their site here. The packaging might not be the chicest in the world, but it’s recyclable and easy to use.

Other interesting picks from the range, if only for the novelty value, would be the Dark Chocolate Mud Masque and the Tropical Peel Off Masque – get the girls round, open a few bottles of wine and relive those teenage years!


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