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by | Nov 21, 2017

warehouse gold sequin dress

Warehouse have some amazing sequinned dresses* in store at the moment. Flattering, relatively inexpensive party dresses to see you through the festive season. Now I know that sequins are ten a penny in the run-up to Christmas, but I felt that the Warehouse ones deserved a bit of a mention because – in terms of quality – they are absolutely streets and streets ahead of the other high-street dresses I’ve tried.

For a start, the sequins are on velvet, so the dress has an incredibly soft and comfortable feel. No sharp scratches, no waking up the next morning with a million tiny red cuts on your shoulders! The velvet also gives the dress a heavy, luxurious feel and the weight makes it hang beautifully.

warehouse gold sequin dress

The high-neck, long-sleeved style is really cool and edgy – you could wear this with anything from high heels to biker boots and it would never look try-hard. (Stick sequins on a low-cut, sleeveless frock and it’s a whole other ball-game.) The Warehouse dress wants to be a little bit rock and roll, I feel, with perhaps a leather jacket flung on over the top, or an Acne-inspired oversized shearling coat (the genuine article, maybe, if you happen to have a spare couple of grand floating about!) or some crazy dramatic feathery number.

warehouse gold sequin dress

In the photos I’m wearing the gold dress*  (and I was worrying about my mortgage offer, which was why I looked so dour!) but the navy* is extremely beautiful and I shall endeavour to photograph it for you in the next few days. Haven’t tried the black*, but it looks fabulous and is perhaps my favourite!

Perfect for Christmas parties, just add heels  – and maybe pep up your wintery, sun-starved shins with a bit of Vita Liberata. You can find these saucy little sequin spectaculars at Warehouse here* for £59.


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