Highlighting Powder: A Rekindled Love Affair

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It’s possible I’m having something of a rekindled love affair with highlighters at the moment: pearlescent powders, cream illuminators, even obvious shimmers – anything, quite honestly, that will add some much-needed glow to my knackered face. I had forgotten how much of a lift a little spotlight here and there can give; done subtly and (relatively) well, it can make the face look fuller and youthful as well as brighter and more awake.

I’m pretty sure that this Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow has crossed my path before. Perhaps it’s the same as the one that was in the Scotch on the Rocks collection a year or so ago? Whatever, it’s lovely – I like the warmth that the pink lends to the highlight, it’s flattering and looks slightly more realistic than straight-forward in-your-face pearl. Sometimes highlighters look a little cool-toned for my liking; this one is just the right side of warm. In the summer I’d want something a bit more goldish or bronzed; for winter-to-spring this’ll do just fine. It’s very pretty.

bobbi brown highlighting powder review

I use the Face Blender Brush to lightly “whisk” this highlighter over the tops of my cheekbones, and the very gentle flush you can see on my face in the top photograph is that beautiful hint of pinkish warmth coming through. It’s a nice one to counterbalance your contour powder, if you are using quite a dull, flat brown – it adds back some health and glow, but in an incredibly low-key way. (On contouring: I’m doing a bit of a contour experiment at the moment. I’ve got a theory. It will interest many people but outrage some others – OUTRAGE! Watch this space..)

You can find Bobbi Brown’s Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow online here – it’s £34. I’ll be revisiting a few of my favourite highlighters and illuminators over the next few months, but if you want a foolproof and very affordable creamy one then you can’t go far wrong with this from Topshop. If you want more colour than highlight, but still with quite a hefty portion of glow, then take a look at Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Bricks – I reviewed them here.


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