How (Not) To De-Fuzz Your Face

by | Jan 20, 2023

My Mum was horrified when I showed her my newly acquired Finishing Touch Facial Hair Remover.

“You can’t shave your face!” she cried. “Why can’t you just use nail scissors like everyone else?”

Pause for effect.

Can we please get a show of hands from anyone – anyone at all – who uses a pair of nail scissors to stay on top of their facial hair? I thought not. She couldn’t have picked a more impractical tool. It’s like going to battle brandishing a chainsaw – there’s more chance of maiming yourself than winning the fight.

“I just hold the scissors like this,” she said, her head back and her chin thrown high, “and snip as close to the root of the hair as I can.”

“You can’t even see where you’re snipping,” I said, ‘you’ll end up cutting off something important!”

“Well I use a mirror, obviously.”

Mum’s snipping method is flawed in many ways: firstly the risk of injury is high, even with the use of a mirror. Perhaps especially with the use of a mirror, because we all know how even the simplest of tasks becomes impossible once you’re relying on your reflection to guide you.

Then there’s the fact that you’re not even getting to the root of the problem, just cutting off the visible part. It’s a bit like weeding by pulling off the top bits. Does my Mum go around the garden strimming over the dandelions? No she does not. She goes about on her knees, pulling the whole thing out.

And finally (though I can probably think of many more problems with the scissor method), how bloody long must it take to de-hair an average chin and moustache area? Days! I’d be tempted to open out the scissor blades and slide them along my skin for speed’s sake, old-fashioned cut-throat razor style.

“God I don’t do my entire face!” said my Mum. “You just do the longest hairs, you daft thing. The ones that are a few centimetres or very dark.”

This is why we have different removal methods, then: attitude towards facial hair. Mum: happy with the usual facial fuzz. The stuff that we’ve all had, probably from a young age, but that 4K HD TV and hi-res phone cameras have gradually made me hyper-aware of. She only irks at the longest, blackest of hairs – the rest is just considered normal, like having eyes, or legs.

“You wouldn’t shave those off.”

My problem is that I look at my face in detail nearly every single day. It’s part of my job. I should disclose here that I’m not a particularly hairy person and my colouring is quite fair, but because I test makeup and skincare I do spend a lot of time staring at zoomed-in photos and videos of myself. And when it’s not photos and videos it’s the bloody magnifying mirror, aka The Portal of Doom, checking whether or not a new foundation that I’m testing has crept into fine lines or migrated into the oilier patches. And so not only do I see the longest and blackest of hairs (though mine tend to be white, like Father Christmas) I also see the plush thackets of peach fuzz, so dense they’re like velvet.

I left the peach fuzz for a while because it did seem like overkill to start taking that off; I plucked at the longer hairs with my tweezers (definitely my recommendation over nail scissors) and I ignored the fuzz. But then I started plucking the slightly longer bits of fuzz as well as the hairs, especially in the side tache area, and before I knew it I was plucking all of the peach fuzz out with my tweezers. It was taking ages and was actually quite painful after a while….

…hence the new Finishing Touch shaver. I haven’t actually charged it up to try yet, such was the ferocity of my mother’s reaction to it. I think she has visions of me doing a full shave routine, using one of those badger brushes to lather my face up, leaning in towards the mirror like Desperate Dan. White vest, gun belt slung over the towel rail, ten gallon hat resting on the shelf above the sink.

But I’ve started with the mass-tweezing and so now there is no retreat. The moustache hairs come back slightly sharper, so that when you’re watching TV you can find yourself stroking your stubble – for that is what it is – wisely, like an old sage about to make a pertinent statement.

The only way forward is to continue with the total eradication technique – but with my new shaver it will be like (hopefully) using a lawnmower rather than a pair of long-handled secateurs. Speedy. Efficient. Painless.

I’ll keep you all updated, if only to horrify my Mum.

The Flawless Touch gadget is online here (ad-affiliate link) and costs £29.99. I have to say, it feels very light and cheaply-made, for the price, but since writing the above I have tested it properly and it works well. If you have other suggestions then let me know!


  1. Votary dermaplaners are the best. Three in a pack for £20. I am not a nimble person but not one nic on my skin. I highly recommend.

  2. I was always told that shaving your face only. made matters worse. The hair would come back thicker and coarser and eventually you’d look like the Bearded Lady. My go to is waxing or cream hair remover when I can be bothered. I do use tweezers for those Fu Manchu hairs at the corners of the upper lip. Fortunately, I’m also fair skinned so its not too noticeable.

    • So far it’s coming through just as fine, but only time will tell! I may be some sort of scientific case study by this time next year.

      • Keep us posted please. My daughter told me she sometimes shaves her face. Like your mother I expressed my horror and she laughed and said “its not like the old days Mom.” “Old days”? Rotten child.

  3. Whatever you write about, I love it! Though this topic is close to my heart, as I have researched the topic in great detail due to my very fuzzy face! I originally used a face trimmer for the peach fuzz, and plucked the barbed wire black ones on my chin. I then watched a video by Kate Somerville and she shaves her entire face. If she could do it so could I! Apparently it also helps stimulate collagen…why do you think men age so well (obviously other factors)! So now once a week I pluck the wire and shave the rest. Best done with a mens razor (& replace often). xx

    • Thanks Cath. Does it grow back stubbly?

  4. I’ve been using eyebrow razors (now they’re called dermaplaners. fancy.) above my upper lip area and on my chin. Because I’m southeast Asian and thanks to my dad’s side, my facial hair comes more visibly and thicker than I care for, so I have to constantly have to shave it.

    After reading this post I got curious and got out a pair of small cuticle scissors to see if I could use them as your Mom does. Yeah, that’s not gonna work.

  5. Thought I was the only one obsessively plucking at my facial hairs! I’ve bought a finishing touch device as well, so we will see how that goes

    • Please do update. I’m of the opinion that it’s “ok”.

  6. I used to have the Veet precision beauty styler and it was incredible! but the blades got worn out after a few years and when I wanted to buy a new one it was discontinued
    Now I use the Hollywood Browzer as other ladies have recommended this but I don’t like it. If you don’t focus 100% on the job you can get a bad cut. I tolerate this tool but I don’t feel is safe.
    I do have dark hairs so I do probably “shave” 1/4 of my face. How many times did you used your device? Does it takes long for the hair ti grow back?
    Does it leave your skin red? I’m intrigued! ❤️

    • Is that the dermaplane blade thing? I think I have the same. NOT a fan. Agree on the hazardous aspect.

  7. I’ve rather eye-wateringly epilated various parts of my face for over a decade however finally the ingrown hairs got the better of me and have been using a flawless touch happily for nearly a year. Like you I am quite fair so it may be different for those with darker hair but I highly recommend trying.

    • Good to know Kate. I’m not sure what I expected from it but I found I have to pass over a number of times before the fuzz disappears! Wasn’t expecting that… At least it’s hazard-free though!

  8. The ones I’ve seen most are the Tinkle (terrrrrrible name!) razors which are really small and light for at-home dermaplaning. Tweezerman do a version which theoretically should be better quality and, obviously, salons offer a full service. I’ve been mulling it over for a good while ∵ the results that people post about look excellent, but it definitely seems to be a ‘now you’ve done it once, you’re doing it for life’ thing and I’m notoriously lazy…‍♀️. Kindly recruit a friend who has rampant hair growth (like me) to guinea pig for me on frequency!

    • Yes that’s what I hate Sally, the having to now do it for life! Ha. What have I started….

  9. You make me laugh…ALOT and out loud! That, may I add, is a very difficult feat. You are quite fabulous .

    • Oh thanks, what a lovely message to start the week with!

  10. I wonder if the hair will come in darker & rougher. Please advise, once you see what comes in, after this first try. Xxoo

  11. I use the Flawless Finish Face Shaver also as well as one by Panasonic from Amazon. I’ve been shaving the blond peach fuzz on my face for several years and love the results! Makeup sits so much better and my skin looks so smooth. I can’t imagine not doing this after seeing the results!

    • And do you get stubbly bits? I am waiting for mine to emerge so that I can update! x

  12. Keep us posted on any other suggestions, and how this is for regrowth! I can’t be your only follower with polycystic ovary syndrome and the increased hairiness that goes with it, so this is of particular interest!

  13. I use eyebrow razors (which would never get close to my brows!) to get id of the moustache and the peach fuzz on the face. I tried plucking, but it is just too painful close to the lips.

    • SO painful close to the lips, I agree!

    • I use tweezers or my epilator for chin hairs etc and a dermaplaner on peach fuzz. I get quite obsessive about facial hair, especially when I’m looking in my x15 magnifying mirror! None of the hair removal methods I’ve used over the years have made hair grow back darker or thicker. I wonder how many months of my life I’ve spent removing facial hair

  14. Firstly Ruth, I love you ( never met but I know we’d get on ) my mom has on the other hand grown her unsightly hairs so she can as your mother describes ‘ trim off the worst offenders ‘ whilst leaving the not so stubborn ones to blend with the rest! I have on the other hand never braved the fuzz slaughtering !! Other than below my bottom lip! I don’t have an upside down moustache, but I do have a patch of smooth skin. So please can you blog back with regards to any ‘ stubble ‘ I’d hate to snag my silk pillow slip xx

    • Haha, will do! Stubble-ometer activated. x

      • Hi Ruth, I enjoy reading your blog posts. I had to comment because I don’t recommend using that device. The better solution for peach fuzz and your skin is dermaplaning. These ones are biodegradable, so far better for the planet and also much cheaper so better for your wallet!! It’s quick and super easy to use. Also easy to wipe clean and completely pain free. I’m not associated with the brand in any way, I use these personally and the reviews are also great.

        • Yeah I don’t get on with them! Did give them a good go but I almost had a few catastrophes…

        • Hi. I use these exact ones and have really liked them. Regrow is still soft fuzz, no sign of a beard after using this method for a year.


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