Marni Spice and the Pregnancy Brain Experience.

marni spice fragrance

I think that Marni Rose is the absolute bee’s knees and so I was very much looking forward to trying out Marni Spice. It didn’t disappoint; it had the same sexy, musky kind of undertones that make Marni’s other perfumes so pleasing. Sultry, come-hither kinds of undertones. (You can read my review of Marni Rose here.)

I wrote the following “review” when I was heavily pregnant and I thought that I’d leave it rambling and unedited, just for kicks. To be honest, most of my unedited writing looks like the below – full of reminders and odd thoughts – but during pregnancy I completely lost my short-term memory and had to get everything committed to paper before it disappeared from my mind. I’m not sure that my memory has actually returned, yet, or whether it ever will – my iPhone has hundreds of pages of notes on it at the moment. Lists for shopping, lists of things I need to remember to write about, lists of lists…

marni spice fragrance

“Marni Spice. Remember to say that I like the rose one a lot! The one in the scary doll bottle that loads of people hated the look of! Marni Spice: reminds me of Ginger Beer mixed with sexy man. But think of all of the different ways that you could drink Ginger Beer. Ginger Beer situations.”

[Oh my God. Stay with me people – I told you this was going to be bizarre. Welcome to my mind…]

“Marni Spice isn’t your cool and sparkly kind of Ginger Beer, tinkling with ice and fizzing its bubbles as you sit in a quaint Olde Worlde pub garden; Marni Spice is an exotic, full-bodied Ginger Beer with musky undertones and a sophisticated kind of warmth.”

[When did I start writing M&S adverts?]

“But it’s not that hot, mulled wine kind of spicy warmth either – there’s no cheap “mixed herbs” aroma here, none of that weird, acrid cinnamon-bun smell that you can so often find lingering around when a fragrance has been unimaginatively put together. There’s a beautiful peppery note that opens Marni’s Spice – peppery and gingery but with something fresh and floral, too. Rose, a hint of heady jasmine and then a sense of (slightly masculine) depth from the patchouli and the musk – it’s like walking through a Souk in the late afternoon and being greeted with all of the various smells.”

“If I had to describe Marni Spice as an experience, it would be sitting on the rooftop of one of those trendy boutique riads on a hot Marrakech evening, sipping a wonderful gingery, sparkly cocktail with a slice of lemon, watching the sun go down over the city. But not that riad that I stayed in that didn’t have a working shower or locks on the bedroom doors. And there was a dead cat outside the door!”

You can find Marni Spice at – it’s £65. If you want something exotic and sexy but not too floral then this is absolutely worth a sniff – if you want something exotic and sexy and love rose then do take a look at my Marni Rose review.

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