Maybe I’m A Jumpsuit Convert

ruth crilly boden

With festive party season getting well underway, I thought you might appreciate a little fashion tip-off. This is the Belgrave Jumpsuit from Boden and I have been absolutely showered with compliments every time I’ve worn it. Saying that makes me cringe a bit, but it’s true; never has an outfit I’ve worn received quite so many comments. Which, for something so comfy and wearable, makes it a party wardrobe no-brainer.

ruth crilly boden

I’ve been wary of jumpsuits for my entire adult life; when I was nine I had a terrible experience involving my dungarees and an urgent wee. I simply couldn’t get the straps undone no matter how desperately I fumbled with them and so the wee happened dans les dungers. (Sorry Boden, I realise this probably isn’t the most on-brand editorial you’ve had associated with one of your key seasonal pieces!)

boden belgrave jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and dungarees are much of a muchness, in my opinion, when it comes to accessibility; both need the top half to be removed before the bottom half can be removed, which means that if you need to use the bathroom you are virtually naked once you are settled on the WC. That doesn’t sit comfortably with me, especially in a public place – who knows who might come crashing through the door? What if you fell asleep on the pot and the police had to come and wake you? What if you drunkenly fell from the throne and knocked your head on the sanitary bin (do NOT wear jumpsuits or dungarees and drink excessively) and when you came to you found a paramedic team surrounding you in the toilet, your jumpsuit around your ankles, the rest of you laid bare?

ruth crilly boden

If I haven’t just put you off jumpsuits for life then hear this: the Belgrave is an absolute winner. More than a few people have asked me whether it’s Temperley, three have bought it online whilst standing right in front of me, many more have come forward to tentatively finger the fabric or enquire about its washing instructions. (Bottoms are viscose and silk, top part is polyester, it’s dry clean only.)

boden belgrave jumpsuit

The thing about this jumpsuit is, apart from the fact that it’s supremely comfy (there’s not a tight, restrictive part on it), is that it’s amazingly glamorous and striking with absolutely zero effort needed. The print’s so loud that you can’t very well load on accessories and the shape is so stunning, with its wide-leg silky trousers and body-skimming bodice, that you can’t fail to look like an Amazonian goddess*.

*Obviously this is somewhat height-dependent. I always feel like an Amazonian goddess when I wear long trousers because I am forced to wear high heels. If you went for a shorter length and donned trainers, the effect might not be the same. I would highly recommend heels and a showstopping entrance with this, though – it’s too fine to wear with Stan Smiths and a leather jacket. At least for the first few wears.

ruth crilly boden

So: comfy, show-stopping, expensive-looking (it’s not cheap, but I think it looks a lot dearer than it is), this is the jumpsuit that mixes retro flamboyance with boho chic. It’s like Studio 54 meets Glastonbury. It’s loud but elegant. Easy yet polished. I adore it.

This post was supposed to go up next week but as I was editing I noticed that Boden have a flash 30% off*. I am hoping that when this post hits the email subscriber boxes the code is still running but apologies if not. To get 30% off site-wide you need to use the code L8N4 at the checkout.

The Belgrave Jumpsuit is £198 (minus 30%, hopefully!) here*.*

ruth crilly boden

Please note that I first featured this jumpsuit as part of a paid-for video collaboration with Boden last month – this post is not part of that collaboration, but you can watch the makeup video here if you’d like to see how I wore it!

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  1. February 15, 2019 / 10:27 am

    With that outfit, you made the holiday celebration more colorful! The print and the colors blended nicely as if they want to trigger positive vibes all over the place. Although quite revealing, I find it to be more sophisticated and good for cold season. The shoes are simply breath-taking! I love it so much that I would love to know where I can purchase a cheaper version of it.

  2. Alix
    December 17, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    Now only £99 in the sale!!

  3. December 11, 2018 / 2:55 am

    I am a recent jumpsuit convert as well. CROTCH FREEEEEEEDOM.

  4. Kelly
    December 10, 2018 / 3:25 am

    So. I saw this in the Boden catalogue and managed to resist…until now. But at least I got it 30% off!

    • December 10, 2018 / 11:01 am

      It’s a good discount! : )

  5. Farah
    December 9, 2018 / 6:22 pm

    Thank you for mentioning the issue of the wee in the jumpsuit! Nobody ever talks about this and when I see a gorgeous jumpsuit its all I can think of! The image of the poor elegant lady with the pretty fabric either held awkwardly in the arms or dragging tragically on the floor near the WC. That said, this is so gorgeous, elegant, quirky and charming I am tempted indeed!

  6. JoJoHarto
    December 8, 2018 / 10:53 pm

    How tall are you Ruth? I 5’10” and find a lot of jumpsuits are just not long enough on the body. This is so stunning though, would love to purchase!

    • December 9, 2018 / 2:01 pm

      I’m just under 5’8″. I had to wear the 12 because the 10 felt too short in the body. x

      • JoJoHarto
        December 10, 2018 / 6:13 pm


  7. December 8, 2018 / 6:35 pm

    It’s beautiful – but I’d never go to the public loos in it. I still look wistfully at women who do wear jumpsuits, though, because they look so elegant.

  8. Barb in Texas
    December 8, 2018 / 12:16 pm

    You look stunning, but I think to wear a jumpsuit like this, you’d have to be tall and slender like you.

    • Louise Colhoun
      December 9, 2018 / 8:09 pm

      I’ve had my eye in this jumpsuit for a while but I have the same concerns which is why I normally avoid outfits like this. I’m by no means short but I do carry extra weight in the middle. I have taken the plunge and ordered the outfit seeing as it’s 30% off so I’ll just wait and see how it looks. I do like Boden and I recently bought the green wide leg trousers with matching blouse – which the model wore tucked in. Because of my middle area I wear the blouse untucked just to cover the middle area – I hate my belly which can show a bit when wearing something fitted.

  9. Katie
    December 8, 2018 / 10:51 am

    Where are your gorgeous shoes from Ruth? Please share!
    Thank you

  10. Katy
    December 8, 2018 / 9:36 am

    That last photo with Dexter in too… perfection.

  11. Gracie
    December 7, 2018 / 9:32 pm

    Goddess ❤️

  12. December 7, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    As beautiful as you look, I cannot get over the urgent wee paranoia you mentioned. Maybe because dungarees were a childhood staple, so I had a few very close to disaster situations.

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca

  13. Beka
    December 7, 2018 / 4:43 pm

    Your story about the wee and your jumpsuit almost, in fact, made me wee, sans jumpsuit. After many cups of tea, I must remember not to read your posts until I’ve visited the loo.

    Incididentally, you haven’t put me off of jumpsuits. They just don’t ever fit me quite right. It’s more like jumpsuits are put off by me, haha! Thank you for another incredibly engaging, hilarious and beautiful post. You are a gem

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