Skims Review: Trying On Comfy Underwear

by | Nov 18, 2021

I ordered a load of lingerie from the brand Skims* because a) I had seen some rave reviews and b) my friend Rach, who is my personal style and trends barometer, had made an order and been really pleased with the quality of the items.

You can now find Skims at Harrods*, Net-a-Porter* and Selfridges* – I’m not sure whether it’s the entire range, but there are 600 items so safe to say you’ll probably find what you’re looking for! It’s easier to navigate the Skims website and then cross-check to see whether it’s at Selfridges, but prices seem to be slightly higher on Selfridges than on Skims.

Here’s what I ordered and a little Skims review on each item – there’s a video review at the bottom of the page if you want to see a real-life try-on for fit and quality:

Skims Sculpting Bralette* (I had Cocoa in size S/M), £32: I thought that this gave a really good shape. The fabric was soft and stretchy but not too sheer and it was so comfy, you could easily sleep in it. If you want a top that’s slightly more than a crop top (this has straps with adjusters, for example, and a rubbery band underneath to stop it from riding up) then this gives a more flattering shape than most.

Skims Mesh Plunge Bra* (I wore size 32DD in shade Jasper and it felt true to size) £52 at Skims: I ordered this to see whether the bras with cup sizing were reasonably true to size and I’m pleased to tell you that this felt pretty much spot on. I loved the seam-free cups and the fabric felt silky and luxurious – the cup shape was also really flattering and gave a lovely shape, for those who don’t like padding or t-shirt-bra-style bras with more structure.

(If you want a serious plunge bra that’s almost mind-blowing in its effectiveness then take a look at my post on the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge. It’s really quite something.)

Skims Fits Everybody Crossover Bralette* (I had size S and the M and M was probably better) £35 at Skims: this was soft and ever so comfy, but I think that the sculpting bralette and the plunge version (below) is a far better buy. This felt quite flimsy considering the price with not much in the way of clever lifting or sculpting. Perhaps it’s better with smaller cup sizes, too – I didn’t feel too supported with this bralette.

Skims Stretch Rib Scoop Bralette* (I wore S/M in shade Desert) £39 at Skims: I liked this for a bit of casual crop-top sporty action, but it did seem to come up slightly smaller than the rest of the bras and bralettes. I found the matching briefs to be really quite unflattering, but perhaps I needed a medium rather than small size!

Skims Cotton Plunge Bralette* (I wore size S in Sedona) £39 at Skims: this was my favourite top from the entire order. I couldn’t believe how much plunging it did! I honestly did a double take because usually triangle bras without underwire, like this one, do absolutely nothing for shape. If you were wearing something low and you wanted to have a bit of oomph but still feel very comfy then you’d struggle to do better than this. The matching briefs looked like the underpants of an eighty year old man from the 1950s but let’s gloss over that bit…

Skims Review: Ordering Experience

I found the site easy to navigate and I loved the general appearance and branding. The sizes and shades of all lingerie items were brilliantly varied and inclusive compared to most lingerie and leisurewear brands, but lots of colourways were out of stock when I was browsing which became slightly frustrating.

The order arrived within around five working days, which was great, but it was really expensive to return what I didn’t want. I think I paid £22 for postage with Royal Mail – you can also use Skims’ prepaid courier but I think that was a few pounds more.

Skims Review: Overall Quality

All of the items I ordered felt beautiful and were well made. The Everybody range was made from a very fine, soft fabric – like 100 denier tights – and I was almost scared to handle it in case a nail snagged the fabric! I had the briefs from this range as well as the bralettes and they were comfy and flattering, you can find those online at Skims*.

I liked the plunge bralette and the sculpting bralette most. I thought that the various briefs that went with the tops were a bit hit and miss, though the mesh briefs* that matched the mesh plunge bra were quite sexy.

Have you ordered from Skims? What did you think? If you liked the idea of the soft bras and bralettes then there’s a brand available more easily in the UK called Boody; I ordered some soft bamboo tops a few weeks ago and I love them. You can find those online* – it’s £16.95 for the shape tops I have.

If you’re in search of a strapless bra then make sure you take a look at my Strapless Bra Try-On with mini reviews on each of the versions I tried.


  1. Hi Ruth… Thanks for your excellent and wholly entertaining posts, you are brilliant!

    I was really interested to see this about skims as my issue is bigger boobs and smaller back and I can never find a decent non-bra sized bra!

    I noticed you tried mostly small sizes; we’d be similar sizing ( I’m possible a cup size larger) but I’d be really conscious of my boobs falling out of the bras… not the most appealing when you look down and one of your boobs is out of its cup!!! I was thinking though that Kim is a similar shape and I’d love to find a decent bra that isnt wired to the hilt! did you feel ok in the small sizes.? thanks a mill

    • Yes, all but the plunge soft one felt very secure! The plunge one less so as you’ve always got the falling out risk with those, if there’s no real structure to them…

  2. I never even thought about trying something like this as the fabric makes me doubt that I will get any protection out of it, but I am so tired of my wired bras I might give it a go. It looks breathtaking on you, very good sculpting action.

  3. I am all here for the comfy underwear!

    Danielle |

  4. I also have the rib crop top style bralette and have matching briefs and thong. The bralette is lovely and I use it as a sleep top a lot; the bottoms are both absolutely dreadful. The weirdest fit imaginable, definitely not just a sizing issue, I feel like my hips needed to be several inches…longer? Maybe designed for a super high KimK style of wearing but even pulling the sides right up to be high waisted it was just weirdly designed.

    • And then when you pull them up you get too much, how do I put this politely, “side pudenda” on show. LOL!


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