Topple, Tipple, Grab My Nipple

by | Apr 28, 2020

Four times in the past week my children, who are almost-five and three years old, have unknowingly grabbed onto one of my nipples to stop themselves toppling over. 75% of the time it has been when I’ve been putting their shoes on, which is always a precarious sport – and also explains why my nipples have been within grasping reach – but there was one particularly memorable case that saw my right nipple used as a sort of living climbing hold so that my youngest could scale my body like a mountain and sit on top of my head.

I’ll stress again that neither child has the faintest idea what they’re holding onto in these fleeting moments – for all the world it could be a button or the end of a zipper. On reflection, it took me a few seconds to work out what they were grasping in their little hands, mainly because after two solid years of being gummed and chewed at (referring to breastfeeding, obviously – Mr AMR isn’t some kind of low-key sexual deviant) my nipples tips have almost no feeling.

They may as well be steel-capped. If I was into body piercings, I’d have no qualms about getting some hoops through them – maybe then I could thread a dainty rope through the hoops and tie it around my neck, giving myself a free breast lift!

So anyway, the nips seem to have suddenly gained an extra practical use. And I’ve realised why it’s sudden and a brand new phenomenon: it’s because for much of the day I can’t be bothered to put a bra on. Previously my nips would be incased in a t-shirt bra, safely behind moulded cups. And now they are swinging free, a good four or five inches below me as I duck and dive to successfully complete the Crystal Maze Shoe Application challenge.

It’s a tricky old manoeuvre, isn’t it – putting small kids’ shoes on? There you stand, prone and vulnerable, your face necessarily next to the back of their head, which is for all intents and purposes a huge, solid, fast-moving canonball, ready to smash into your nose or eye socket at any given moment.

For it is impossible for a child to stand still whilst being shod; they toss their heads around, bob up and down, jig on one foot like a demented goblin. And the one time that you want them to move – “bend your leg! BEND YOUR LEG!” they stiffen every muscle like a board, knees locked out, so that you have to give up and plonk them on the table to get at their feet.

And even though you couldn’t be more clear which foot you’re tapping for them to raise – “THIS ONE” – they always lift the other one. And then they lose balance, because it’s all so overwhelmingly complicated, because their brains are (rightly!) wholly concerned with the mystery of “why bees don’t ride about in helicopters to stop their wings from getting tired”, and then a tiny hot hand shoots out and grabs onto the nearest convenient thing.

Pendulous, available, dangling right there like a welcome hand-strap from the ceiling of a packed London Routemaster. Topple, tipple, grab my nipple. It’s a wonder they’re still attached.

Photo by Victoria Strukovskaya on Unsplash


  1. You’ve described it do accurately. Especially putting on shoes. Why are children’s knees, heads, and elbow like mini weapons, they’re so hard!!! The worst is an elbow to the boob! I definitely feel like I’m a human soft play some days.
    Thank you

  2. Love your stories! My 3 year old son has just started using a shoehorn – revolutionary! No need

  3. This post is fantastic.

  4. Oh my goodness, this made me cry with laughter I have 3 small children and am just about to run the gauntlet of getting their shoes on for our daily walk

  5. Brilliant x

  6. Lol, all too relatable Ruth. God what is it with small children manhandling and generally injuring us?!

    I caught myself gently squeezing the 4yo’s leg and clicking like I do when I want the horses to lift a foot. Naturally the horses are far more compliant.

    Between he of the cannonball head and BF she of the pinchy fingers, nippy teeth and scratchy nails making my nipple bleed last week it’s, a wonder I haven’t unpacked & consumed all the alcohol from the non existent house move! X

    • Oh dear! The non existent house move sounds bleak…

  7. Thank you lovely Ruth.
    Just what was needed.
    Smiley smile time ♥️
    Ps I absolutely adore that photo of you, (Not talking nipple pictures, just to make that clear tee-hee) the one on your website the blue dress and sultry look one in, possibly, a grand, leafy, Somerset garden
    With love Julie xx

  8. Thank you so much for the giggles. I’m a social care keyworker in recovery from C-19, and have been having a really weepy morning. This cheered me right up.

    Hope you & your lived ones stay well, and stay safe

    • Oh goodness, so glad you’re OK!

  9. Despite breastfeeding that would be very painful for me to experience, but you had me in tears laughing.
    Topple, tipple, grab my nipple indeed!

    Anne from Doctor Anne

    • Thanks Anne, I thought you might appreciate that title! Haha

    • You write so beautifully and always make me smile. Thank you.

  10. Absolutely loved this Ruth!!! Had me in stitches of laughter!!! Thank you. It made my day!! Shared it with every young mum I know!!!


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