Weekly Window Shop: The Silkiest Pyjamas

best silk pyjamas

Continuing the sleep/bedtime theme for just a while longer; the sexiest, silkiest pyjamas. I don’t mean sexy in the “ooh, look at me with my peekaboo bra and naughty pants on” way, but the “oh my God these silky things feel really nice, I’m going to have such a glorious sleep” kind of way. The second one is almost a better sexy feeling than the traditional sexy feeling; it’s the sort of feeling you get when you stay on your own in a very nice hotel and slip in between those crisp, tightly-tucked-in sheets. After a couple of glasses of red wine. You just know you’re going to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow and it’s the most amazing sensation. Especially if your sleep is going to be all yours, and not interrupted by someone crying or snoring or sneezing or huffing about on the carpet itching his bottom and then his beard. (The last one is the dog, just in case you think I’m talking about Mr AMR!)

Quality silky pyjamas, then. If happiness could be made into a garment…
acsceno rolling stones pyjamas

1) Asceno. Can we talk about Asceno? They very – very – kindly sent me a pair of pyjamas through the post and I just couldn’t believe how decadent they were! And the cut was so fine, so tailored, that I could easily wear the top as a luxe, silky shirt. I’ve just spotted their Rolling Stones pyjamas (above) – look at the print:

acsceno rolling stones pyjamas

Just brilliant. Expensive (most silk pyjamas do tend to be on the pricey side) but absolutely, one hundred percent worth it if you are properly splashing out. Or someone is splashing out on your behalf. You can find Asceno online here.

john lewis temperley gatsby camisole

2) Alice Temperley. Not strictly pyjamas, but this silk camisole set from Somerset by Alice Temperley has a vintage feel that’s perfect for post-party wind-downs. It’s a bridal set, but who cares? I’m thinking G&T on the balcony at some swish Babington House-style hotel, perhaps with some bold and amazing kimono thrown casually over the top… It’s £85 at John Lewis here.

olivia von halle silk pyjamas

3) Olivia Von Halle. Wah! Olivia Von Halle’s Alba pyjamas – I need these in my life! I already own a pair of her plain black silk with cream piping and they are just immense, so perhaps it’s just a bit decadent to need another pair, but look at the print! These are strictly on the luxe-list at £225, but a girl can dream. Find them at Net-a-Porter here.

olivia von halle silk pyjamas

4) Olivia Von Halle (again). Oh dear – sorry to be an enabler but I’ve actually just found a load of Olivia von Halle nightwear over on The Outnet. This saucy little set is £83.25 here – a mere snip of the original price. There are loads of designs to browse through…

best silk pyjamas

5) Princesse Tam Tam. Now these might look a bit plain by comparison, but Princesse Tam Tam’s classic silk pyjamas are beautifully cut in soft ivory silk. They have been vastly reduced in price on the House of Fraser website and there are still a few sizes available so if you wanted to bag yourself a stylish set then take a look here
stella mccartney silk pyjamas

6) Stella McCartney. Back to The Outnet for the final pair of silky-sexy jim-jams: the “Poppy Snoozing” are 92% silk with a bit of stretch added in for comfort and, at time of writing, small medium and large sizes are available. They were £275 but are marked down to £137.50 here – these would make a great bridal/bridesmaid gift, I think, if you were looking for an indulgent and pretty present.

More silky PJs please, if you find any – you can tell me about them in the comments section below!

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