Weekly Window Shop: Stuff I’d Buy For Myself

Some stuff I’d buy for myself, in this week’s Window Shop – though there’s a sort of caveat, because the title should really say Stuff I’d Buy Myself If I Wasn’t Pregnant. Being pregnant does something odd to me in that I can’t think about things that are more than a week ahead. It puts a real dampener on fantasy shopping, I tell you! Or even “real life” shopping. I can’t picture myself without a huge baby bump, I can’t imagine myself with strong ankles and feet, wearing skyscraper heels – I can’t even envisage a day when I’ll be able to use a pale-coloured handbag without worrying about it getting ruined.

And I keep seeing stuff online – things that I absolutely love – and adding them to my basket as a little treat-to-self for when my body is back to normal and my ankles don’t feel as though they’re made from those seed balls that you put into bird feeders, but I get to the payment stage and I just can’t bring myself to do it. What if my stomach doesn’t ever go down enough to wear an Equipment silk shirt ever again? Can I really justify buying a snazzy wallet when it’ll get covered in dirty fingerprints and possibly get put into the toilet bowl, along with the telly remote and an old banana skin? 

Not particularly profound questions, I grant you, but these things do play on my mind. Anyway, I’m rambling on – here are the things that caught my fancy this week. I’m still sorely tempted to splash out, especially on the boots… And the bag! Bags fit whatever size you are! Surely, surely, a bag is a safe bet…

Kaelynn Latte Suede Knee Boots, £255 down from £425 at LK Bennett HERE. The softest suede, a comfy heel that’s semi-retro and a gorgeous colour that will look great going into Spring.

Signature silk shirt from Equipment, £98 down from £245. I have a real thing for Equipment shirts. This one may still make it into my life – I wanted it when it first came out and was full price, but I always wait with my eagle eyes for them to land on The Outnet! Find this mushroom one HERE.

Oh man, where was this one the other day? It must have just landed. I’m in heaven! Equipment silk shirt + leopard print! I’ve bought it. Sorry not sorry. I’ll just have to shrink into it. It’s £100 HERE.

I haven’t worn a proper, boost-them-up, underwired bra in well over two years. Two years! When the time comes that I don’t have a baby attached to my rack, thus requiring bras with no wiring and with drop-down cups (always a sexy look), I’m going to be buying up all of the Heidi Klum lingerie. This Sophia bra is a classic – it’s £38 HERE.

Can’t justify it, got nowhere to wear it to, but I do love this Gucci Marmont Matelasse bag. It’s a bit showier than I’d normally go for, but the colour is spot on and I’m fantasising about myself being the sort of glamorous person who would chuck this on with her faux-fur jacket and high-heeled boots. It’s – I actually can’t bring myself to type the price out – HERE.

(Secretly I’m hoping that Mr AMR is reading this page. If you are, Mr AMR, don’t worry about the shirts – I’ve just ordered them! The bag on the other hand..)

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