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My 5 beauty & fashion favourites for August include some boots for stomping in, a dress for vamping in and a face cream that moisturises so deeply it’s slightly unnerving. Watch the video below if you fancy listening to me chatting through my favourites or carry on reading for the quiet, work-skive-friendly version.

I kickstart my favourites this month with a really exciting one for me, because I loved this product and brand so much that I’ve actually invested in the company. (Hence the AD disclaimer.) The product is a very high-quality supplement called Heights and it has been specifically formulated to support the brain – braincare, if you will. Now I know that the issue of supplements divides people and so if you’re not a taker then please feel free to scroll on down to just below where there’s a picture of me wearing a dress and looking sultry/dead behind the eyes.

I’m pretty selective about the vitamins/supplements I take and well aware of the noise around the fact that so many of them are – quite frankly – shite, but I’ve also had some noticeable health successes (for want of a better phrase) when I’ve consistently taken certain vitamins and supplements that have been recommended to me.

You could argue that it’s coincidental and obviously it’s anecdotal, because I haven’t been part of any trials or studies, but off the top of my head: my recurring cystitis is massively alleviated when I’m consistently taking D-Mannose, I don’t get my awful mouth ulcers so much when I take Vitamin B12 and making sure I keep up my Vitamin D intake is a priority for me since 2014 when I was tested and shown to be drastically deficient. (All of these were recommended to me by doctors or consultants both privately and through the NHS.)

I think that I’m healthily cynical about the vitamins industry as a whole but feel as though I’ve had enough positive experiences with good quality ones to be open to trying something new. And I loved that the Heights Smart Supplement targeted the brain and the health of the actual organ itself, which wasn’t something I’d thought of before. The capsules (you take two a day, anytime, and they’re fine on an empty stomach) contain all of the Vitamin D I need to take, the Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin B12 and then a careful selection of highest quality vitamins and minerals that help to support the brain.

If you’d like to give them a try then I have a 25% discount code for the monthly plan – use code RUTH25. It works out cheaper the longer the plan you subscribe for, but I did a few months first to see how I got on. Please do let me know what you think if you try them, I find the whole concept so interesting. Find out more about Braincare.

1. Get 25% off Height Smart Supplements using RUTH25

Next favourites on my list this month: two fashion items. Stompy boots and vixen dress. I have some events coming up for work and wanted a dress that was noticeable (cue bold print) but not too blousy (enter stage left the long sleeves and high neck). There’s something slightly gothic about this Reiss dress* and I really like the autumnal colours in the print. I would never usually go for a high neck but I think that it works so well with the gathering over the chest and across the back – I think it’s really flattering.

2. Reiss Bobby Dress – buy for £198*

Stompy combat boots aren’t perhaps the natural pairing for a printed maxi dress, but I’ve been experimenting with ways of getting more use out of evening/occasion dresses and going down the “Lily Allen circa 2006” route seems to be quite a successful one. Fancy flouncy dresses with trainers. Pretty maxi dresses with hard boots. There’s a proper blog post coming out imminently, but for now, behold the “Stomper” (aptly named) boots from Russel & Bromley:

They’re so beautifully made. Expensive, but worth every penny in terms of build quality and the fact that somehow they still manage to look quite dainty. Initially I was vexed by the laces up the front, because nobody has time for laces, but they’re actually dummy ones and the boots have zips down the sides. Marvellous.

3. Russell & Bromley Stomper boots – buy for £345

Two beauty products now. The Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush in Pink Vetiver has been in the favourites before, more for the scent itself than the scent delivery system, but after a few little nights away here and there I’ve noted that the paintbrush is actually quite a nice way of applying perfume. It seems more luxurious than a rollerball – slightly cooling, and the brushstroke is sensuous – and there’s something a bit more enticing about softly stroking a fragrance on. It’s great for travelling with as it’s lighter and sturdier than a glass bottle and handy if you’re in a crowded train or plane and don’t want to spritz perfume on everyone within a five metre radius.

The Paintbrush is here* online and is £40 for 7ml for the initial packaging. Yikes! That’s £5.70 per ml. However the refill set is £35 for 21ml which is much more purse-friendly at £1.66 per ml. For comparison’s sake, the 100ml fragrance in a bottle is £1.15 per ml. I don’t think that the extra is too horrendous considering how convenient the brush is, especially for travel!

You can find the Jo Loves Pink Vetiver range here*. Pink Vetiver is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. I can highly recommend it as an autumnal fragrance that still has sparks of a summer evening. It’s spicy and slightly exotic with a sort of musky masculinity – pink peppercorn, ginger, vetiver and cardamom. Really quite addictive.

4. Jo Loves Pink Vetiver a Fragrance 50ml – buy for £75*

Last on my 5 beauty & fashion favourites for August but absolutely not least: the new Triple Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Miracle Cream from Beauty Pie (online here*). This cream promises deep hydration and boy does it deliver. It’s not quite so dramatic as the Supreme Cream (renamed Power Elixir Moisturiser, here*) but the lightweight gel cream packs an amazing punch in terms of hydration and the effects are noticeably long-lasting. If you’re after a heavyweight moisturiser with a lightweight texture and no greasy residue then this is your bag – suitable for all skin types, it’s perfect for plumping out those crepey lines of dehydration.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Beauty Pie membership system then read my post here; you subscribe to a certain plan and then have a spending allowance. The products are one price for the non-member and another, much lower, price for members. For this cream, the £60 equivalent price (they compare the product to similar luxury products on the market) is brought down to £15.57 for members. Add on membership and postage and you still have a very high-end face cream for significantly less than you’d pay elsewhere.

That’s the idea. It makes more sense once you get your head around it and Beauty Pie’s skincare is so consistently good that it is worth getting your head around it!

If you use the code RUTHSENTME* then you can get an extra £50 spending allowance on sign-up, so make sure you get your bonus if you take the plunge. Some of my most-used favourites are in this post but I would absolutely, unreservedly recommend the new Hot Oil Double Cleansing Balm*.

5. Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Miracle Cream – buy for £15.57 (for members)*

That’s my 5 beauty & fashion favourites for August – I’m toying with the idea of moving this feature into the middle of the month so that the title still feels relevant and timely. What do you think? I sometimes think that once the month has moved on I don’t want to read anything about the previous one. It’s like going backwards. Let me know your thoughts!



  1. I love that dress on you!

  2. I love that dress on you! The boots are a perfect accessory.

  3. Those boots really are amazing – and not only for fall and winter, but the beginning of spring too, I’d say. I’m crazy about all things that look like leather, and shoes that look expensive like those stomper boots…
    I didn’t know Beauty Pie at all, thank you for sharing that brand – I’m going to look into it!

  4. I am intrigued by your nightly routine. How do you manage to put two children to bed, watch an hour of tv, fit in a half hour bath and still a bit of time to read. That sounds like the perfect night time routine. I manage the hour of TV and still flop into bed exhausted and far too late. I must try harder! :-D Obviously supper is in there too – amazing!!

    • PS the dress is gorgeous and would make a beautiful blouse. Love the boots too!

    • Bedtime by 7pm, cooking and then eat by 8- in front of the TV, TV done by nine!

  5. I love that dress on you! The boots are a perfect accessory.

  6. That flowy dress paired with the combat boots looks exactly what I would have worn back in the 90s, just more grown up and elegant.

  7. I tried putting the RUTH25 code in on the Your Heights website and it only took 10% off. Is this an error on the website?

    • It should take 25% off a monthly subscription! How odd. I don’t have any control over it though so I would drop them a line!

  8. I also take supplements which have been recommended to me by doctors, or which I have found make an actual noticeable difference to my health. I try something for around 3 months, if it doesn’t do anything in that time, I stop taking it. I was prescribed zinc back in my teens because I always caught everything going, and I still take it. I was also prescribed magnesium for muscle tremors. I take feverfew for migraines and iron for anaemia, not prescribed but I found I feel a lot better when I take it. Sometimes your diet just is deficient in certain things that your body needs, and everyone’s health requirements are different. Being able to get good quality supplements is the hardest challenge.

    I love me some good stompy boots. Back when I was working in an office/factory setting, I got myself some boots very similar to yours. There was a dress code for the office, in that shoes had to be black, and because I was also in and out of the factory I couldn’t wear anything with heels, and also wanted something that would be easy to clean from the dust in the yard. The boots fitted the bill perfectly, and I fitted them with sheepskin liners for extra warmth in winter. That factory got cold! I still have them, I use them for going on winter walks, I hope they never wear out, they are so comfy.

  9. In full agreement about D-Mannose. It works! Off to check out that gorgeous dress…


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