5 Most Used Beauty Products: March 2018

most used beauty products march 2018

Ah, another delve into the secret world of my echoey bathroom for the Five Most Used products of last month. I bet you’ve been waiting for this one, haven’t you? Who doesn’t want a video of me with crazy frizz-hair, filmed from the top of a wonky tripod, with one half of my face in shadow and the other in bright light?

Production issues aside, I do hope that you like these “most used” vids – it’s just supposed to be a relatively informal, low-key way of showing you the five things I’ve used most frequently throughout the month. They might not necessarily be my favourite things (which does make you wonder why I’d use them so often, but let’s quickly move on) however they are the products that I’ve used again and again. For whatever reason. In the case of the Bobbi Brown foundation, the reason was that I simply couldn’t work out what an earth I thought of it – was it dewy? Was it matte? Why did it feel as though it never set? Answers on a postcard…

Anyway, here we go on another beauty rollercoaster ride – good things, affordable things, things I haven’t quite made my mind up about… There’s a list of the Five Most Used beneath the video pane if you’d like it for quick reference. Enjoy.

Frankincense Intense Lift Cream*: http://bit.ly/2IPRMpX

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum*: http://tidd.ly/5097b9a5

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Weightless Foundation*: http://bit.ly/2uOjCQu

Magnitone Cleansing Cloth*: http://bit.ly/2JhLbVj

My Feelunique beauty boxes video (contains #ad): https://youtu.be/-XH-2EtAl7o

L’Oreal Revitalift Peel Pads**: http://tidd.ly/5845f3cb

**please note that I am part of the L’Oreal Beauty Squad. Any work I do in relation to that role will be clearly marked “AD”, otherwise the inclusion of a product – as in this video – is purely editorial, unsponsored and unpaid.

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