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by | Nov 1, 2012

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You may call me a Packaging Pervert, because I absolutely am and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. My latest fetish comes in the form of Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipsticks – sleek black packaging with (to the uninitiated) no apparent way in. Until you click the bottom and the gold inner casing comes sliding out! It’s….simply…packaging pornography. People moan about having to pay for the packaging on a product, but I could quite literally sit here and play with my Rouge Allure all day. (No euphemism there, so don’t look for one.)

This post is going to get spammed to high heaven, isn’t it? I’ve managed to include some good keywords so far! If you want to see the packaging magic then head over to Chanel’s beauty home page where you can see “Le Click” in action. (I’m on view number 23.)

Funny, after all of this excitement, that the first ad to grab my attention in the November issue of Vogue magazine was this:

I didn’t even see that it was for Rouge Allure at first, I just thought that it was a very striking image to choose for an Autumn-Winter magazine edition. Everyone else is doing warm, rich, dark tones and Chanel goes with something that looks distinctly high summer! Swimming Pool Blue in November? Very strange, but I like it. It caught my eye, at any rate.

You can see the delectable Rouge Allure lipsticks at


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