L’Occitane Shea Butter Skincare Review

by | Nov 2, 2012

Prepare for a Shea Butter extravaganza! The following are all from l’Occitane – I have been meaning to review them all separately, but time is a-passing and I thought I’d just give them to you in one almighty shea-crazy skin-saving hit! Because it’s that kind of weather, now, isn’t it? Sore, dry, flaky skin. Chapped lips and noses, raw knucklebones and tight cheeks. Shea butter is a perfect little mender for any and all of these pesky Autumnal skin problems, and when I think of Shea, I instantly think of l’Occitane.

They do a huge range of Shea-based products, from soaps and shower gels to eye creams and face serums. I’ve rounded up some of my favourites old and new – the lip balm has been in my winter arsenal for a while now, the serum and SPF are newer finds and the rose-scented body cream is a limited edition. Utterly butterly!

1) Let’s start at the most concentrated product, the 25% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream. (Photo above.) For the driest, driest of skins and no less! This is best used sparingly, pressed onto the skin from warmed palms. Otherwise you run the risk of over-basting yourself, if you catch my drift. Nobody wants to be over-basted… £29.50 for 50ml with free delivery here

body cream beauty review

2) Also wading in with a hefty 25% Shea, we have the Ultra Rich Body Cream. This one is scented with rose and layers up with L’Occitane’s other rose fragrances beautifully. It doesn’t have any greasiness but it really softens skin effectively and leaves it smooth and hydrated. A total winner in my books! It’s £16 for 100ml here, or you can buy the standard 200ml formula for £26 here. If you’re not fussed about a scent, then the standard is probably the way to go!

Face Skincare review

3) Skipping out a whole plethora of other shea-butter loveliness (otherwise I’d be here all day) we land at the Fabulous Serum with 5% shea. Again, suitable for dry skin and not those with combination or oily, this is a lightweight fluid that provides an extra little moisturising “hit”. Good for bitter, bad-weather days when you want extra protection for your skin but don’t want the heaviness of the Ultra Rich Cream. The serum is £28 with free delivery here

face makeup beauty review

4) Finally, we have the Moisturising Lip Balm. In a tube, so nice and hygienic; 10% shea, so just enough buttery goodness to make it effective on a cold, blustery day. This isn’t heavy or greasy but it also isn’t one of those flimsy balm affairs that simply fades away after ten minutes. I use it a lot. It’s actually one of the balms that permanently resides on my bedside table (and I have another for my bag) because I find it to be a comfortable texture and I like that it’s unfragranced. It’s £8 with free delivery here

Very dry-skinned people: what are your winter skin saviours? What kind of textures do you prefer in your creams and lotions? Do you like to feel a “barrier” residue left on your skin, or do you like the product to totally absorb? Do you have any Shea favourites of your own? Let me know!


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