Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Cream Review

by | Nov 3, 2012

Beauty face review eye cream

Ooh. This is more expensive than I thought it would be! I was expecting it to be around £30, but it’s not, it’s £42 and there’s less than the usual 15ml of product, too. Not as much of an issue as it would be, though, because this is actually a brilliant eye cream for very dry skin according to my Very Dry Skin Tester. And the ingredients listing looks rather promising too!

actually think that this is also a very good eye cream for normal skin too – though probably too rich for anyone with oiliness, breakout problems or youngish/teen skin. It’s very rich. Almost like a body butter, but for the eyes. If you never seem to be able to get enough from your eye cream and feel as though you need to be reapplying it every five minutes then this one could well be worth a try. It leaves skin feeling deeply moisturised and the effects are long-lasting. I need to leave about ten minutes or so before applying any makeup on top (yes, it’s that rich!) but drier skin than mine might not have that niggle. I actually don’t mind having to leave a little rest period between skincare and makeup, I like to let things settle a bit as I go along!

Wrinkle-wise, what’s this eye cream doing? Well, it does contain retinol, so it should be working quite nicely on any fine lines around the eye area. It also contains one of my favourite ingredients of all time, niacinamide; brilliant at just about everything, including fading acne scars and age spots. From a “reading the label” point-of-view, things look mighty peachy for this eye cream. I don’t think there’s anything untoward that comes out in the testing – as I mentioned, it’s rich and it’s buttery (bordering on waxy) so it’s really suited for the drier-skinned, but those with parched orbital areas (WHAT?!) will welcome the intensity. You can usually find a tester of this at your local John Lewis or larger Boots stores, so it’s worth having a try to see if you like it!

Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Eye Cream is £42 from


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