Favourite Things: Diorskin Forever Foundation

by | May 1, 2013

face makeup review

This foundation has made a star appearance in quite a few videos now, so I wanted to give it its own page and place in my “hall of fame”. I think that rather than me spouting a load of words about this product, it’s easiest for you to see the effect for yourselves. I’m embedding a video below that gives quite a clear demo of how the Diorskin Forever Foundation blends, what the finish is like and how much coverage it gives. If you want a quick reference, then here’s a recent before and after:

face makeup foundation

face makeup review dior

I didn’t mean to look so miserable in these, they are stills from a video – I often don’t think I’m going to use the footage, but then realise afterwards that it’s useful for things like this! Hopefully you can get a little idea of how this foundation looks; it’s not as fresh and glowy as something like Diorskin Nude, which has a very natural look, but it’s not totally covering everything in a death-mask way. It’s a velvety finish – not matte, exactly, but almost there. I don’t think that it sits heavily at all, yet the coverage is pretty full. If you’re looking for that “photoshoot perfection” look and you want a fuller coverage that’s going to last out the day then this is excellent. If you want that “natural perfection” (your skin but better look) then perhaps opt for the Nude foundation.  

A few things to note: I apply this foundation using a Real Techniques buffing brush (couldn’t live without it, beauty-wise) which is part of this set at Boots. Next, I use shade 020 and it matches my skintone exactly when I apply it. It settles a very tiny bit darker after a few minutes, which you may be able to pick up on the pictures. It’s almost not noticeable, but worth considering if you’re stuck between two shades… Last thing of note is that when you use a fuller coverage foundation like this (especially with an SPF, this has SPF25) you need to really clean it off properly! Not a wipe, not micellar water, not even cleansing “lotion”: a proper cleanser with warm water and some kind of thing to wipe with, whether it be a Clarisonic, muslin cloth or washcloth. I did a little experiment recently with some foundation on the back of my hand: it survived a bath, a shower (rinsing my hair) and then a wipe with some Bioderma. It came off after using a little bit of Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser but it goes to show – wipes will not do!

You can find Diorskin Forever Foundation at counters nationwide and with free delivery at FeelUnique.com. It costs £32.


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