by | Aug 6, 2021

Ruth Crilly trying on Me+Em clothing

Trying on Me+Em clothing with Ruth Crilly

I’m playing catch-up with this video-embedding quest – this Me+Em clothing try on was actually first posted last month. I’ll get there in the end!

I’m not going to ever do particularly long blurbs with these try-on videos – they’re absolutely self-explanatory. So click, watch and enjoy! (It’s better for watching on a smart phone as it’s in portrait mode.)

Oh my God, my favourite thing – the pouf sleeve tee – isn’t there!

Here’s the SKU (if you can find it and I’m just being dense then please let me know): SS21JT49000004010

Products tried on – all from Me+Em*

Check out my Trying On Short shorts video.


  1. I’m used to these outfits. Really love this Brand!!

  2. I love this clothing brand!

    Danielle |


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